Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder: Side Effects Of Hemp Seed Oil

The seeds of cannabis sativa are extremely beneficial for human health. This is because the seeds are loaded with protein. It is called hemp protein from the name of the plant from which the protein is derived.

You may be surprised to know that hempseeds do not possess any psychoactive compound. They are good source of protein, essential fatty acids and various other nutrients.

Hemp protein is better than many other food proteins because it contains all the amino acids; it contains all the eight essential amino acids which our body does not prepare.

Hemp protein is easy to digest.

Hemp Protein Benefits

  • Hemp protein is primarily good source of protein for those who eat complete vegetable diet. However it can be consumed by anyone.
  • Due to its nutty flavor it is easily palatable and can be added to variety of dishes.
  • About 33% of hempseed is composed of protein. It is second only to soy protein. Hemp protein is more easily digestible in the intestine because it is a globular protein.
  • Amino acids: the composition of amino acid is complete as compared to other non vegetarian foods such as meat, egg, or in that case even soy and milk. It is said that hempseed is a complete and total protein source. It is the only food that helps to sustain the life even when there is no other food available. As compared to soy protein, there is lesser chance for allergic reaction to hemp protein. It is a good substitute for those allergic to soy protein.

Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

  • Hemp protein is a rich source of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acids are needed for many vital functions of the body. It prevents inflammation and it is a building block for hormones. Deficiency of essential fatty acids can cause lot of problems in the body. There is a significant improvement observed in atopic dermatitis, a skin condition after consuming hempseed oil.
  • Hemp protein also contains iron and calcium in adequate quantity.
  • The other vital nutrients contained in hemp protein are vitamin B complex, magnesium, vitamin E and dietary fiber. All of which are essential to our body.

Side Effects Of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp protein is safe to consume and it is free from side effects, unlike soy protein it is less allergic. Hence hemp protein is a better choice for those who have food sensitivities.

However the protein in hemp oil can some time cause digestive disturbances such as loose stools and mild abdominal cramps. The other side effects hemp oil supplement can cause is hallucination, this can be to those people who are over sensitive to THC.

Hemp oil can affect the anticoagulant property of platelets in some individuals. Therefore persons having blood clotting problems should be careful while taking hemp oil supplement.