Hawthorn Berry Tea: What Are The Health Benefits Of Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn is a small shrub belonging to rose family, famous for its berries, flowers and leaves. Hawthorn beery is known since centuries for its medicinal benefits. The plant grows along the hillside in eastern and central United States, and in other parts of the world.

Small berries sprout once the flowers bloom. The berries are dark red or black in color. The red color of the tea is due to red hawthorn berries. Hawthorn berry tea is used by herbalists for heart related ailments such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart pains and heart arrhythmia.

Benefits Of Hawthorn Berry Tea

It is very simple to prepare hawthorn tea. Boil water on the stove, place one teaspoon of hawthorn berries in a tea pot and add one cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 10 minute, now scoop the berries from the tea pot and enjoy sipping it.

  • Hawthorn berry contains substances that benefit the heart. These substances are flavanoids and oligomeric procyanidins (OPC). Both have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that act on the harmful free radicals in the body and prevent cell damage.
  • Lowers blood pressure: the tea prepared from hawthorn berries helps to strengthen the arteries and veins. It helps to dilate the constricted blood vessels and facilitate easy flow to blood. In this way it reduces the blood pressure. In order to get a better result hawthorn tea has to taken for a long time.
  • Heart pain (Angina): regular intake of hawthorn berry tea is known to dilate the blood vessels of the heart, if there is blockage of coronary arteries. Those who took the tea for a longer time were able to exercise for a longer duration without experiencing chest pain. However more research is required to ascertain the claim.

Health Benefits Of Hawthorn Berry Extract

  • Atherosclerosis: laboratory and animal studies have demonstrated the antioxidant properties in hawthorn berry tea helps to prevent formation of plaques in the artery.
  • Reduces lipids: It also prevents rise of LDL level in the blood. LDL is bad cholesterol that is the major reason for plaque formation in the artery.
  • Congestive heart failure: in a study, hawthorn berry tea was useful in improving symptoms of congestive heart failure. In this condition the heart is unable to pump blood in sufficient quantity to different organs of the body.
  • The tea is also beneficial for irregular heartbeats. You can add basil and goldenrod to enhance the effect of hawthorn tea.

All the above heart conditions are serious; you should not try to self treat your condition with hawthorn. You need to ask to your doctor whether hawthorn berry tea is right for you.

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