Hand Tremors In Adults: Causes And Home Remedies To Stop It

Hand tremors are one of the most disabling conditions which can affect a person’s routine life. With trembling hand even holding a cup of tea is a difficult task, leave aside other activities such as writing or shaving. Tremor is involuntary shaking of one or more than one part of the body due to rhythmic oscillatory movement of muscles. Tremors can affect anyone, but it is more common in middle age and elderly individuals.

Despite various research works and its classification, the exact reason of tremors still remains unresolved, although it is believed to be a defect within the brain parts which control movement of muscles.

It can occur during rest or while in action.

To make the life easier there are various drugs and home remedies to control tremors, although in many cases tremors are difficult to cure completely.

What Causes Hand Tremors In Adults?

Hand tremors can result due to variety of reasons. They can be categorized as physiological and pathological. Physiological tremors are common and they are often seen in people who are fatigued or under mental stress. It can also occur due to excess consumption of coffee and alcohol, which results in rush of adrenaline in the system affecting the nervous system.

Reducing the intake or addressing anxiety and stress can control hand tremors in such cases.

  • Pathological tremors result from an underlying health condition such as Parkinson’s disease, hyperthyroidism, brain lesions, old age, low blood sugar, withdrawal of alcohol etc. Certain sympathemimetic drugs like terbutaline and ephedrine are known to cause tremors.
  • Tremors of hands which are present at rest and increase if the hands are outstretched towards the target are commonly seen as a sequel of multiple sclerosis, head injury and stroke.
  • Tremors are also known to be of familial origin. They may be inherited, although patient may not give the family history.
  • Physiological tremors are also called essential tremors. They can occur in any part of body, but in most cases the hands are affected.

Home Remedies To Stop Hand Tremors In Adults

Not all patients suffering from hand tremor may require treatment. For patients whose symptoms are disabling, treatment helps to improve their daily life. Home remedies are found to be effective in essential tremors. However, more severe tremors may require medical attention.

  • Change in diet: Essential tremors are the most common form of tremors. If the underlying cause is detected to be due to certain diet, avoidance of these items will help in controlling tremors. Caffeine and alcohol are known to increase the activity in the nervous system. Avoidance or lowering consumption of such foods and drinks will help in treating the condition. Eating foods that contain vitamin B are known to calm nerves. In case of essential tremor, eat more green vegetables and fruits as they are rich source of this vitamin.
  • Addressing anxiety and stress: Anxiety and stress are often seen as the underlying cause of hand tremors. Patient should try to relax his mind by practicing meditation and yoga. Both are effective stress management techniques.
  • Certain herbs are known to relieve stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea calms the nerves naturally. It is a best home remedy for hand tremors caused due to anxiety and stress.
  • Medicines: Several medicines are known to have tremors in hand as one of its side effects. If a patient is taking any medicines, he should talk to his doctor regarding the drug. If the physician finds it to the cause, he may switch the drug or lower the dose of such medicine.

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