Sensation Of Hair Stuck In Throat: Home Remedies To Remove It

As throat is extremely sensitive, slightest irritation in the area can produce immense discomfort for the person. Many people visit their ENT specialist when there is a feeling of irritation and obstruction, even if it is a small hair or a large substance like a fish bone. This sensation of impacted food material or non food substance can be present in adults as well as children.

You may come across many people who complain of having a feeling of hair stuck in throat. The cause may be a real hair stuck in throat or simply an irritation in the throat resulting from common upper respiratory tract infection.

In some cases a strand of hair may get impacted in the throat accidentally. But in majority of cases it is a hairy feeling caused due to other reasons such as repeated clearing of throat, smoking, eating oily and spicy food etc. The reason may be so on and so forth, but a person who has this discomforting sensation in his throat seeks relief in whatever possible way he can.

In normal circumstances a hair impacted in throat or for that matter any other object does not remain long in throat. It eventually passes into the stomach as you swallow food.

However, if you still experience some irritation or suspect hair still stuck in throat, you can take help of several home remedies to dislodge the strand.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair Stuck In Throat

The possibility of hair to remain stuck in throat for a long period time is very less. Most often the reason for this hairy feeling in the throat is due to irritation and abrasion caused by swallowing hard food bolus. The damaged lining of the throat causes discomforting hairy sensation. Here are some of the steps that will provide relief from stuck hair in throat.

  • One of the simplest ways to remove impacted hair from the throat is to eat banana. Banana is slippery. Chew one banana and gulp the bolus. During this action of gulping, the hair that has stuck in the throat will get dislodged.
  • French fries are also equivalent to bananas for removing stuck hair from throat. Chew few French fries till it forms a smooth bolus in your mouth. Now gulp it in one go. A strand of hair stuck in the throat will get hooked with the bolus and pass into the stomach. Once in stomach the enzymes and acid will act on hair and ultimately it will be excreted through the tool.
  • Many times salt water gargling and warm water gargling will help in relieving discomforting hairy sensation in throat.
  • Avoid eating spicy food when you have a feeling of hairy sensation in throat. Eating too much of oily and spicy food may in fact aggravate the already discomforting symptom.
  • Chew one slice of bread until it forms a bolus. Gulp down the bolus. If at all there is a stuck hair in throat, it will get dislodged when the bolus passes through the throat.

Even after following all natural measures, if you still feel sensation of hair stuck in throat, consult an ENT surgeon. After examination and taking medical history he will be able to determine the exact cause of irritation in the throat.