Home Remedies For Green Stuff In Throat: What Are Its Causes?

Green stuff in throat is nothing but greenish mucus that is coughed up from the throat. Also called as phlegm, green mucus is quiet worrisome as the normal mucus secretion is colorless and watery. It is produced by the mucus layer of the throat and the respiratory tract.

Essentially, the secretion of phlegm is body’s defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses that attack the respiratory tract. It is produced by the mucus lining of the para-nasal sinuses, lungs, bronchus, and throat passage.

Phlegm can be of different color, green mucus is an indication of infection in the respiratory tract.

It can occur due to bacterial infection in bronchi, lungs, and as post nasal drip of an infected para-nasal sinus. Green mucus in throat is a symptom of an underlying condition. Treatment is aimed at addressing the cause. Home remedies can be complimentary to the conventional treatment that consists of antibiotics.

What Causes Green Stuff In The Throat?

Green mucus in throat is not normal. The color of mucus secretion changes to green due to infection anywhere in the respiratory tract. Normally the body produces mucus constantly in respiratory tract but you do not realize because it drips down in the throat.

However, the consistency changes in illness and mucus can clog in the throat.

Mucus can be white, watery which is normal. However, it becomes yellow in the beginning of the infection which later on turns green if infection persists for a longer time. Mucus becomes green because of an enzyme myeloperoxiase that is found in white blood cells. White cells accumulate at the site of infection and this gives the mucus greenish brown color. Here are some of the causes for green mucus in throat:

  • Green stuff in the throat occurs due to post nasal drip from chronic sinusitis. It is an infection in sinus. The mucus from nose drains in the throat. A person spits this mucus out from mouth because it causes irritation in the throat.
  • Mucus in throat that is released from lungs can be green in color if there is infection in the lungs. It mainly occurs in bacterial pneumonia.
  • Green mucus in throat can occur if there is bacterial infection in the throat or the pharynx. The condition is known as pharyngitis. Patient may complain of pain and irritation in throat along with symptoms of green mucus. Fever, headache, body pain are other associated symptoms.
  • Sometimes green mucus secretion is also seen in streptococcal sore throat.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Green Mucus In Throat

Green mucus in throat is a symptom of many underlying causes. To get rid of it you have to treat the underlying condition that produces this abnormality. Here are some the steps that will help to clear off mucus from throat.

Patient may need antibiotic treatment if the underlying cause is lung infection or chronic sinusitis. Along with antibiotics, decongestants and saline nasal sprays may be useful in reducing congestion from the nose and swelling of the mucus lining.

To cough up phlegm here are some easy ways that may be helpful.

  • Boil water in a bowl. Add few drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Inhale the steam. It helps to liquefy thick mucus in nose and throat.
  • Steam inhalation is beneficial in relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis.
  • Salt water gargles two to three times in a day will help to reduce irritation in throat caused due to bacterial infection.
  • You can also drink warm tea containing mint or basil leaves. It helps to thin the mucus in throat and acts as a natural decongestant.
  • Avoid eating dairy products as it may cause the phlegm to become more thick and difficult to spit out. Dairy products contain casein, a type of protein which is known to produce more mucus.
  • Patient should quit smoking.