Feeling Cold All The Time Causes: Treatment For Feeling Cold Sensation

A sensation of feeling cold all the time can be attributed to a wide range of causes. Though a relatively common phenomenon, the more pronounced the symptoms, the higher possibility of a pathological condition. Sensation of feeling cold all the time is more common especially when the metabolic rate of the body slows down, primarily due to some cause and results in lesser production of internal heat.

Causes Of Feeling Cold All The Time

There can be a wide range of causes responsible for feeling cold all the time. However, some of the common causes associated with the sensation of feeling cold are,

  • Lower body weight: The body comprises of fat and muscle mass, both of which contribute towards keeping the body warm.
    Muscle activity can help generate heat while fats provide insulation to the body. Sudden reduction in body weight or a body weight less than the recommended weight for height may often be responsible for a constant sensation of feeling cold
  • Excessive tiredness and fatigue: Inadequate sleep or feeling tired can also be responsible for cold sensation in the body
  • Hypothyroidism: The thyroid gland releases a hormone, thyroxin, which is responsible to control the basal metabolic rate of the body.
    Reduced production of the thyroid hormone can result in fall in the metabolic rate which may further contribute towards feeling cold
  • Anemia: Often related to the deficiency of iron, anemia is associated with reduced red blood cells in the body which is also responsible for feeling cold all the time
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon: Normally, in cold weather, the blood circulation in the skin is reduced, to ensure adequate supply of blood and heat to the internal organs. In individuals with the Raynaud’s disease this response is more pronounced resulting in a constant sensation of cold on the skin and external organs.
  • Old age is also related to feeling cold all the time, as the basal metabolic rate tends to fall considerably.

Feeling Cold All The Time Symptoms

The common symptoms associated with feeling cold all the time include,

  • Sensation of coldness at the slightest drop in external temperature. While others may not feel chilly, the individual may shiver due to cold.
  • In addition, other symptoms like cramps in the hands and the feet, burning sensation, etc may also be observed with the sensation of coldness.

Treatment For Feeling Cold Sensation

The condition more often than not is not related to a serious medical problem and hence medical supervision is not required. However here are a few simple things that one can try,

  • Ensure that you consume a diet rich in iron and vitamins. Include green leafy vegetables, nuts like apricots and almonds, dried figs, dairy products like low fat milk or low fat cheese, etc in your diet. Consume a well balanced and healthy diet.
  • Talk to your physician, if the condition is associated with hypothyroidism, ensure that your diet is rich in sea food and take iodized salt.
  • Avoid smoking and cut down on the consumption of coffee. Both these can impair the blood circulation to the peripheral tissues resulting in a sensation of coldness.