Natural Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating Between Legs

Excessive sweat between the legs is not only irritating, but it is also embarrassing condition. Too much of moisture in this area produces itching and chaffing. Friction, tight clothes and undergarments add up many other problems related to skin. When there is excessive sweating it may appear as if the wetness has occurred due to incontinence of the bladder, especially in women.

This environment is a suitable place for yeast cells to multiply and thrive. Too much of sweating between the legs can also produce cracks and fissures in the skin when it dries down.

It makes a ground for bacterial infection.

Causes Of Excessive Sweating Between Legs

Sweating is body’s physiological process just as you pass urine or stool. Body flushes out toxins and waste material through sweat. There are millions of sweat glands located underneath the skin. Sweat is produced in sweat glands and it is released on skin surface.

Excessive sweating in a particular area is due to hyperactivity of sweat glands in that area. There are several factors that can lead to over production of sweat. They are both physiological as well as medical.

  • Exercise will raise body temperature and make you sweat more.
    The sweat glands between the legs in some people get overactive producing more sweat in this region.
  • Stress and anxiety is responsible for excessive production of sweat in this area.
  • Wearing tight garments and undergarments reduce air flow in the area and increase moisture.
  • People suffering from diabetes are known to suffer from excessive sweat in thigh and between the legs.
  • Women in their menopause are also known to have excess sweat in this area.
  • Parasitic infection in groin region can produce moisture and sweating.

Sometimes sweating between thighs may be idiopathic. It means there is no underlying cause that is known to produce it. Many people who perspire profusely are healthy and may not be suffering from any underlying health condition that may cause hyperactivity of sweat glands.

Home Remedies To Stop Excessive Sweating Between Legs

There are many methods that may be useful to reduce or stop excessive sweating between the thighs. One of the best methods is to keep the area dry whenever you feel you are perspiring more. Wearing lose cotton pants allows the skin to breathe as it increases circulation of air in this region. The other way to effectively dry the area is by applying antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride.

Addressing the underlying condition such as hyperthyroidism is effective in dealing with too much of sweat in certain places such as under arm and even between the legs. Maintaining good hygiene is beneficial in dealing with this problem. Applying talcum powder temporarily diminishes sweating between legs. Person should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and trousers.

Reduce coffee and tea consumption when you are suffering from excessive sweating. Instead drink fresh juice and more water. Avoid garlic, onion as well as spicy food. Apple cider vinegar and honey is well known home remedy to reduce profuse sweating from the body, including underarm and places between the thighs. It controls sweating by flushing out toxins from the body.


  1. AN said:

    I am sweating a lot on my back and between my legs. Can you recommend some way to stop it? My shirt gets soaked with sweat and my legs also sweat a lot. My thighs become sore. It becomes difficult for me to walk.

    August 3, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Excessive sweating can be quiet embarrassing whether it is on your back or between your legs. Actually sweating is a physiological process where body tries to remove the toxins accumulated in the body through the sweat glands in the form of sweat. However, the sweat glands sometime become hyperactive and that causes too much of sweat. Here are few causes such as stress, wearing tight garments, diabetes, low blood sugar level, side effects of certain medicines, hyperthyroidism etc. Here are some simple ways to reduce excessive sweating between your thighs and back:
      • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.
      • Wear cotton lose clothes so that your skin can breathe through it. The circulating air will help to keep the area dry.
      • Use chafing relief gel and powder that are available in medical stores. It can be used between the thighs. Woman can also use it in bikini area.
      • Woman can wear thigh band under their skirts and dresses to prevent skin to skin rubbing which is very common when you sweat a lot down there.
      • Use medicated talcum powder which absorbs your sweat.
      • Avoid drinking too much of coffee and tea.
      • Drink more water and fresh juices.

      August 4, 2018

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