Should Egg Whites Be Used For Burns Treatment And How To Use It

Egg white is a clear fluid that you see in an egg. It is made up of 90% of water and 10% of protein, mainly globulin, albumin and mucoproteins. It is used in many food preparations. Aside from its culinary use, many people are known to apply egg white on burns.

Use of egg white for burn injury is practiced since olden days. However, in those days people were not aware of antibiotics and they had little knowledge of microorganisms. They used things that were easily available and within their reach. You may have heard many stories about the use of egg white, tomato paste etc for treating burns.

But in recent times it has become a controversial topic as many physicians do not recommend its use as a first aid treatment.

Can You Use Egg Whites For Treatment Of Burns?

According to doctors and researchers the risk of infection increases by applying egg white on burn wound. Truly they do not recommend application of egg white on burns and wounds. Egg white is good platform for the germs to grow. And the first priority in treating burns is to prevent infection. Running cold water or dipping the affected region in water is considered as the first aid treatment for burn injury.

Running water over the burn injury is beneficial in first degree burns and to some extent in second degree burns. But for third degree burns, intensive treatment is necessary as the rate of fatality is high in third degree burns.

You may like to know what is, first, second and third degree burns. First degree burns are minor burns that may affect the upper layer of the skin. The burnt area may become red and painful. These types of burns generally occur in hands and feet. They are generally common among females working in kitchen. Minor first degree burns may not require any treatment or use of home remedies may be enough to reduce the pain and redness.

In second degree burns both the layers of skin are affected; superficial and deep layer. Apart from pain and redness, it consists of watery blisters. Depending on the affected area, it can be treated in the same way as minor burn or intense large burn. Third degree burns are serious burn injury where skin layers, muscles, tissues and bones are involved. Third degree burns require medical emergency treatment.

How To Use Egg Whites For Burn Injury?

Even though the use of egg whites for burns is a subject of controversy, there are many practitioners of natural medicine who rely on egg white to treat minor burns. Applying egg white on the burnt skin relieves pain and redness. They advise to apply egg white layer upon layer. Especially when egg white is cold it relieves faster. They believe applying egg white prevents formation of residual scars once the burns heal.

To apply egg white, you have to separate the white from yellow egg yolk. Run cold water on the burn injury so that the skin becomes cold. Now apply egg white in layers from time to time. Application of egg white should be considered for a short time until you consult your doctor. Those who are allergic to egg should not apply it on burns. Secondly, it should not be applied on open burn wounds.

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