Drawing Out A Deep Splinter: Home Remedies To Remove A Splinter

A splinter is a piece of metal, glass or wood that can enter the skin and get embedded within. Though a splinter can be easily removed, it is often associated with pain and discomfort and depending upon it sizes, it can result in a superficial or deep tissue damage.

Further a splinter that is embedded deep into the skin increases the risk of infections, especially when it is difficult to remove. Splinter wound in the hand can often limit the ability of an individual to perform routine functions.

There are however several simple home remedies available that can be used for the management of deep splinter wounds.

How To Draw Out A Deep Splinter?

Deep splinter removal technique depends upon the nature of the injury and the size of the splinter. In case you can’t view or see the splinter embedded into the skin, avoid trying to remove it on your own and visit a doctor or a physician. If however you can visualize the splinter embedded in the skin, here are a few tips that can be beneficial,

  • Clean and sterilize a needle or use a pair of clean tweezers
  • Apply an antiseptic solution on the affected site and then carefully using the tweezers or the needle remove the splinter
  • While doing so, you might need to press the surrounding area, to get a better view of the splinter and make it easier for the tweezers or the sterile needle to remove the splinter
  • Once the splinter is removed, apply antiseptic solution to the affected site again.

Home Remedies To Remove A Deep Splinter

Here are some simple home remedies that can help in removal of deep splinter,

  • Put a piece of bacon fat on the spot and adhere it with a tight band aid so that the wrapped bacon doesn’t slip out of position. Within the next couple of days the splinter will adhere to the bacon and be removed naturally. Instead of bacon fat one can also use a slice of potato, though this is not as effective as bacon fat
  • In case the deep splinter is not visible, apply raw honey at site and sprinkle bicarbonate soda on the site.
    Wrap a bandage around the wound and the next morning the splinter will come on to the surface and would be easier to remove
  • For small pieces of splinter, apply Elmar’s glue on the site. Keep it on for the night and then peel it off in the morning. The splinter will come off along with the glue.

Homeopathic drug silicea, taken in low potency and repeated over several times during the day can result in suppuration. Silecea tends to stimulate cellular response at the affected site and results in pus formation. Within a couple of days, the splinter along with the pus will be pushed out of the skin. Stop the homeopathic drug the movement the splinter is removed.