Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Supplements And Its Side Effects

There has been lot of buzz around about cinnamon supplement for various health benefits in recent days. Before going into the detail about cinnamon supplement, let us know in brief what cinnamon is, and how it is beneficial for our health.

Cinnamon is a spice used since centuries for various purposes. It grows abundantly in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Indonesia. The spice is derived from the bark of cinnamon tree. The bark is dried and rolled into small sticks also known as quills. Cinnamon is used as spice in various culinary dishes and food preparations.

Due to its pleasant fragrance, cinnamon is also used in perfumes and wines.

Cinnamon is slightly sweet in taste. The refreshing aroma is due to presence of the essential oil in the bark of cinnamon called cinnamonaldehyde. Besides its use as spice in various food dishes, cinnamon supplement is believed to have various health benefits. It is available in powder form filled in capsules.

What Are The Benefits Of Cinnamon Supplements?

  • Cinnamon for stomach and intestine: the spice cinnamon is widely accepted all over the world, for its beneficial properties in treating gastric and intestinal disturbances.
    It aids in improving gastric motility and thus useful in relieving intestinal gases. It is also useful in treating nausea and vomiting. The propanoic acid present in cinnamon aids in healing the stomach ulcer, without disturbing the acid secretion which is necessary for digestion of food. Cinnamon improves the appetite and relieves indigestion.
  • Reduces blood sugar in diabetics: according to recent studies, cinnamon has shown hypoglycemic effect by increasing the insulin in the body. This results into a healthy breakdown of circulating blood glucose and its concentration in the body. Together with diabetes, it has been noted that there is simultaneous reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride after consuming cinnamon supplements.
  • Arthritis: According to a study done in Copenhagen University, people suffering from arthritis gave a positive response to cinnamon. They were given half teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one tsp of honey. The arthritic pain had significantly reduced after one month and patients were able to walk at ease.
  • Food preservative: the antibacterial and anti fungal property present in cinnamon aids in food spoilage.
  • There is no scientific evidence, but some people use it for bed wetting.
  • It is also useful for women who bleed too much during their periods.
  • Cinnamon supplement is also useful to fight common cold and flu.
  • Cinnamon is a good source of calcium, iron, and manganese.
  • You may find several tooth pastes containing cinnamon oil as one of its content. Besides the sweet flavor and taste in the paste, cinnamon prevents tooth decay.

Cinnamon Supplement Side Effects

From the above findings, you may appreciate the benefits of cinnamon. However, there are some side effects of cinnamon too. You may wonder what they are and why. The answer of second subject is very simple. It is the overuse of cinnamon that may lead to side effects. Let us know what the side effects of cinnamon are. The side effects are mostly due to substances like coumarin found cinnamon.

  • Irritation to skin: the essential oil of cinnamon when used alone may cause irritation on the skin. Therefore it should not be used alone for skin fungal diseases. Instead it has to be diluted with base oil.
  • Cinnamon contains anti clotting properties. A patient who is taking anti platelet medicines should not take cinnamon supplements. The blood may become too thin and he may start bleeding from various orifices.
  • Though cinnamon is considered beneficial in healing an ulcer, cinnamon in large quantity may worsen the ulcer. Therefore before taking cinnamon supplements for ulcer, always consult a natural herbal practitioner.
  • Person having ulcer in mouth may feel burning and tingling sensation on consuming cinnamon.
  • Cinnamon oil should never be consumed orally as it may have serious repercussions on the health of a person.
  • Person suffering from liver and kidney problems should not take cinnamon. It may aggravate the condition. Coumarin present in cinnamon may be harmful in such cases.
  • Excessive consumption of cinnamon may also cause drowsiness and perspiration in the palms.
  • Many persons may find increase in their heart rate or palpitation after consuming excess of cinnamon.

Most of the above mentioned side effects are not so common. They occur when a person takes the supplements in excess than it is required. Cinnamon supplement may interact with other herbs if you are taking them. This may cause adverse reaction. It is always necessary to consult a natural herbal practitioner before consuming cinnamon supplement.