Cherry Fruit Extract Health Benefits: Black Cherry For Gout Cure

Cherries are considered to be the hottest “Super fruits” since generations. The delicious red cherry is used for many dessert toppings. Cherries are of two varieties, red cherry and black cherry. Red cherry is slightly sour in taste. It is also called tart cherry. Black cherries, on the other hand are sweet.

Besides eating the red-black berries on dessert toppings, consuming cherry fruit or cherry fruit extract can provide remarkable health benefits. Cherry fruit is packed with antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are known to prevent cancer and heart disease. Cherries also contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene, Vitamin C, potassium, folate, iron, and fiber.

Since cherries are perishable and seasonal fruits, many people eat cherry fruit extract to gain the health benefits of cherries. Most brands of this supplementary product in the capsule form contain 1000mg of the extract. The nutrients present in each capsule, are equivalent to 2 cupful of fresh cherry or 16 ounce of cherry juice.

Cherry fruit extract is manufactured from either red (tart) variety or black cherries. The extract is available in capsules or liquid form. Cherry fruit extract is more concentrated with flavanoids (antioxidants) than cherry juice or cherry fruit. However it lacks in extra fiber which is present in fresh cherry fruits.

Generally it is found that there is no interaction of cherry fruit extract with any other nutrition supplements.

Health Benefits Of Cherry Fruit Extract

Let us know the nutrients present in cherries and their health benefits on human body.

Cherries contain flavanoids such as anthocyanins, it also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, ellagic acid and melatonin.

Cherries are packed with flavanoids. Flavanoids, mainly anthocyanins are antioxidant chemicals. They are useful for destroying free radicals circulating in the body. Free radicals are substances that can damage healthy cells and they are responsible for many chronic degenerative diseases. In fact it is the anthocyanins that give cherry its rich red color.

According to a study which was published in a prestigious journal, eating cherries and cherry fruit extract has been associated with reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. This credit goes to the antioxidant flavanoids present in cherry fruit extract and cherries. It is effective in maintaining the integrity of the coronary arteries and other blood vessels in the body.

The anti-inflammatory property of cherry fruit extract is remarkable due to the presence of flavanoids. They prevent the release of histamine, a substance that is known to promote inflammation. With this perspective, eating cherries may have similar anti-inflammatory effect that is seen in synthetic non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) or antihistamines. For this reason many naturopaths recommend to eat cherry fruit and its extract to reduce inflammation, allergies etc.

Black Cherry Extract Benefits For Gout Cure

The anthocyanins present in cherries help to strengthen collagen. Collagen is required for healthy cartilage, tissue and various structures in the body. Cherry fruit extract is used by many for treating varicose veins.

Cherry fruit is excellent for gout disease and gout pain. The flavanoids present in cherry are responsible for reducing the uric acid in blood that is responsible for development of gout. It also prevents inflammation in the joints where the uric acid gets deposited in gout.

Black cherry fruit extract benefit: black cherries are often added for dressing pies and pastries. Black cherries are low in cholesterol and sodium, for this reason they are useful for hypertensive patients. Besides the cherries also contain potassium which is beneficial for keeping the blood vessels in healthy shape.

Black cherry extract is also used for reducing symptoms of gout pain and swelling. Native Americans relish this fruit; they use it in many food dishes. Black cherry extract is concentrated with lignin and tannins, besides it also contains calcium.