Chaste Berry Extract Benefits For Menopause: Its Side Effects

Chaste berry or agnus catus is a tiny brown fruit of the chaste tree. The fruits are as big as peppercorns and smell like peppermint. The berry has been used for medicinal purposes since a long, long time. The ripe fruit is used to prepare herbal liquids and powdered extracts. The fruit is also known as monk’s berry or monk’s pepper.

The chaste berry extract regulates hormone imbalances by influencing the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. It causes an increased synthesis of progesterone and reduced production of follicle stimulating hormone.

Ancient Roman physicians believed that the chaste berry helped a woman release more milk while nursing.

However, current research states that the berry actually has the opposite effect. When animals were given the chaste berry on a regular basis after giving birth, they synthesized less amount of the prolactin hormone, which is accountable for milk production.

The chaste berry extract is a supplement made from the chaste berry. The chaste berry extract is used for several medicinal purposes, chiefly to regularize hormonal imbalances in some women. Supplements are recommended for peri menopausal as well as menopausal women. It has also been proved to be beneficial for women who have fertility issues.

Benefits Of Chaste Tree Berry Extract For Women

  • Chaste berry extract is useful to manage mastalgia or sore, painful breasts. It helps treat breast tenderness that is linked to PMS and menopause. The extract stops the discharge of prolactin from the pituitary. Elevated prolactin levels stimulate milk synthesis in pregnant women and lactating mothers thereby resulting in breast pain. Breast tenderness is also common during the menses.
  • Chaste berry help prevent miscarriage and manages infertility too. Progesterone plays a decisive role in conceiving and maintaining of pregnancy. Taking a chaste berry supplement once every day will help with infertility issues and will definitely diminish the risk of spontaneous abortion, by raising the levels of progesterone in the body. Nevertheless, you ought to talk to your gynecologist.
  • The extract is also highly beneficial for managing the symptoms of PMS, allaying menstrual cramps, and fighting the ailments associated with menopause. Chaste berry is an excellent source of progesterone. Inadequate amounts of progesterone cause menstrual problems like, heavy, early, short, too frequent or amenorrhea. Chaste berry helps allay all these issues and also fights breast tenderness, mood swings and crampy pains effectively. The chaste berry extract is also known to help with peri menopause and menopausal complaints such as irritability, mood swings and itching, hot flushes and insomnia.
  • The chaste berry extract can help prevent prostate cancer. The chaste berry is an herbal remedy that effectively balances the hormones within the body. It is a natural anti androgen that helps decrease leeks of testosterone in the body and can suppress the development of cancer of the prostate.

Side Effects Of Chaste Berry Extract

There are not any known severe adverse side effects of the chaste berry supplement when administered in moderate proportion. It should not be taken for more than six months on a daily basis.

  • An overdose is known to cause headache, giddiness, nausea, rashes, and itching.
  • Avoid taking the supplement when you are on to oral contraceptives or other drugs such as dopamine.
  • The anti androgen property of the chaste berry may have an effect on the fertility in men.

You must seek advice from your health care provider before starting the supplements.