Natural Ways To Prevent Chafing Between Buttocks: What Causes It?

Chafing between buttocks is an annoying and irritable condition experienced by both men as well as women. Chafing occurs as a result of friction between adjacent skin surfaces or due to friction between skin and tight fitting clothes. Chafing is more common in skin folds, especially in underarms, in groin area. Butt chaffing is not uncommon, especially in people who are physically active and those who have put on extra fat in this area.

Skin chafing can be either on buttocks or in the fold between two buttocks. Chafing between the two gluteus areas is quiet agonizing and irritating condition.

The skin remains moist and tender. There is severe burning and itching. The area becomes sore and raw, sometimes it may bleed.

Chafing between buttocks is not a serious health problem, except for agonizing pain and soreness. There are several home measures that may help to prevent and treat the condition.

What Causes Chafing Between Buttocks?

Chafing between the fold of buttocks and on the buttock is invariably a common issue among people who live an active life. The space between the two skin surface in the folds of buttock is too less. Constant rubbing of skin in this area may lead soreness and chafing.

The problem is exacerbated by the entrapped moisture due to sweating.

Obese individuals are more susceptible for chafing between bums. It is especially common in obese women having extra fat deposits on their buttocks. In men the condition is more common who sweat a lot on their back. The sweat drips down between the folds of buttocks which may keep area moist all the time and aid in chafing.

People involved in sports activities; cycling, running etc are prone to develop chafing between their butt cheeks. Chafing over buttocks is usually caused due to rubbing of tight fitting clothes on the buttocks skin.

How To Prevent Chafing Between Buttocks Naturally?

If you are prone to chafing between buttocks, certain preventing measures may help to this annoyance.

  • Reduce your weight: Chafing between buttocks is common among obese individuals. If you are overweight, take measure to reduce your weight. This will help not only help to prevent chafing in buttocks but may be beneficial for overall health.
  • Keep the area between buttocks dry: Skin fold is a favorable place for entrapment of moisture from sweat. So keep the crack between the bums dry. Sprinkle absorbent powder between the buttocks. The usual talcum powder or baby powder may be useful in keeping the area dry and free from moisture. Sprinkle once or twice in a day. Use of anti perspirant sprays will also help to prevent excessive sweating between the buttocks.
  • Allow free movement of air: Free movement of air keeps the area dry. Wear undergarments that are not too tight or lose. Tight undergarments may frequently rub against the skin surface between the bums. This may lead to skin soreness and chafing. Women should avoid wearing G-strings, especially in summer when the heat produces more sweating.
  • Take daily shower to clean dirt accumulated in the crack, between the butts. Take precautions to keep the area dry after you take shower. Dab the area with dry clean towel.
  • Lubricate: Use a lubricant cream to reduce friction between buttocks. Lubricant cream helps the skin surface to glide over instead of causing friction. This will help in minimizing chafing.