Cabbage Juice For Ulcers Benefits: How To Make Raw Cabbage Juice

Cabbage is a common vegetable consumed regularly in daily diet. The vegetable belongs to cruciferous family, which also include other vegetable like broccoli. Many people grow cabbage in their backyard garden and it is easily available in grocery stores. However, few people know the immense medicinal benefits of cabbage.

Due to its powerful medicinal compounds, cabbage juice has potential in preventing and treating many diseases. People may doubt about the amazing and outstanding health benefits of cabbage, yet Mother Nature has engineered cabbage as natural remedy in treating many diseases and one such use of cabbage is to treat stomach ulcer.

Raw Cabbage Juice For Ulcers

There are many health research studies that have established the use of raw cabbage juice in healing the stomach ulcer (peptic ulcer as it is commonly known). Cabbage juice contains nutrients that protect the stomach from ulcer formation and if ulcer is present, it initiates early healing. These nutrients are Glucosinolates (the anti inflammatory compound Isothiocyanate, ITC is made from it), Glutamine a type of amino acid and polyphenols which are antioxidants.

The ITC present as a nutrient in cabbage act upon Helicobacter pylori population (bacteria which are responsible for stomach peptic ulcer).

The L-glutamine and Gefarnate act upon stomach lining and stimulate secretion of mucus to protect the stomach and duodenum from any further damage.

How To Make Cabbage Juice?

Cabbage juice is easy to prepare, all you need is raw cabbage, some amount of water and a juicer.

  • To prepare cabbage juice, take a fresh raw cabbage, preferably grown in an organic farm. This is because; maximum health benefits are obtained from organically grown vegetables.
  • Remove the first layer of the leaves as many times dirt settles on the leaves and wash the cabbage two to three times in tap water.
  • Cut the cabbage into two half. Then cut each half into quarters and remove the hard stalk from the cut piece of cabbage. Slice each quarter into small pieces, till the leaves are well shredded.
  • Now fill 1/4th of the juicer bowl with water and add shredded cabbage leaves in the juicer and blend it till it becomes consistent in thickness.

Drink one glass of freshly prepared juice 3 to 4 times a day. If you do not like the smell and taste of juice, you can add a small piece of ginger while blending raw cabbage leaves. The juice also tastes milder when it is chilled with some ice cubes. Another way of drinking cabbage juice is to use a straw while drinking; this helps you to stay away from the potent smell it emits.

Raw Cabbage Juice Benefits For Ulcer Treatment

Cabbage juice for ulcer treatment is found to be effective and economic. It accelerates the healing process of peptic ulcer. Besides it is easy to prepare cabbage juice at home. Drinking a glass of cabbage juice 4 times a day without altering your normal food is effective in relieving the symptoms of ulcer in 10 to 15 days.

The vital nutrients found in cabbage are said to be useful in preventing and treating ulcer as they initiate in production of mucus that protects the lining of stomach and intestine, breakdown of this lining is the cause of most ulcers. Cabbage juice speeds up estrogen metabolism which is believed to prevent breast cancer and polyps. In many heath stores cabbage juice is sold as a popular home remedy for ulcers.