Why Do I Get Back Pain While Working On Computer? Home Remedies

Low back pain is a common problem and nearly everyone at some point of time may have suffered from this discomforting situation. Nowadays back pain has become a serious occupational health issue especially among a genre of people who work for hours together in front of a computer.

Computer related back pain has become a modern occupational disease among IT (information technology) professionals. If the problem is ignored at its beginning, it can be severely debilitating, sometimes even forcing the person to switch over to other profession.

There are several factors that may be cause back pain from computer use.

Some of these reasons can be external while some may be from inside the body. Whatever may be the cause few changes while working on a computer can vanish the crippling pain from your back.

Causes Of Back Pain While Using Computer

According to many people sitting is one of the most non strenuous activities. However, very few people are actually aware that sitting for long period of time can produce more stress on the back. Your back is supported by spinal column which consists of several bony vertebra. The main function of vertebra is to protect the spinal cord which is made up of several bundles of nerves.

These vertebra are placed one upon other starting from the neck region to lower back area called the sacral area. There is a gelatinous plate between each vertebra that acts as a cushion and prevents friction between the vertebra.

Repeated stress on back cause damage to the tissues and muscles attached to the spinal column. Besides stress on the tissues and muscles of back due to sitting for prolonged period of time in front of a computer, many people do not notice they slough while sitting. Bad posture as well as sitting for many hours can result in low back pain in computer users.

The other reason can be your chair. If your chair does not support your back properly, it can produce misalignment in the spine which may lead to pain in back, arm, neck and shoulder. Sitting for long time makes the tendon of and ligaments of back less flexible, this may also lead to back pain.

Home Remedies For Back Pain Due To Working On Computer

Most cases of back pain due to computer use can be treated conservatively. Several home remedies, postural correction, physiotherapy, etc are helpful.

  • To keep the back in good shape few changes in work module can be beneficial. After every hour stand up for few minutes or walk around for 10 minutes.
  • Sit on a good ergonomic chair which gives support to your back and lumbar region. Investing in such type of chair will reduce the chances of backache to some extent.
  • While using computer keep your foot on the footrest or on the floor so that the knees and hip is well aligned. It will reduce pressure on your back.
  • Avoid leaning forward or sloughing in front of the computer. Your desk and computer has to be adjusted so that the screen is exactly in front.
  • The desk size should be large so that the forearm can easily rest on it while using the keyboard. At the same time keep the mouse close to the key board so that you do not have to strain your arms and wrist while using it.
  • Stand and lean slightly backwards after every hour so that the back muscles attached to the spine remain more flexible.
  • Alternate use of ice fomentation and hot compresses alleviates back pain caused because of sitting in front of computer for a long period of time. Ice fomentation reduces inflammation while heat allows flow of blood to the stressed tissues and muscles of back.
  • A gently massage with mustard oil or coconut oil is increases blood circulation to the strained muscles. It also relaxes the back muscles.
  • Person should also eat healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals as they are useful for strengthening the ligaments and muscles.
  • Regular yoga and meditation is also beneficial to alleviate back ache caused by sitting for long hour in front of computer. Yoga stretches the strained muscles of back while meditation calms any mental stress that is common among IT professionals.