Home Remedies For Back Numbness? Causes Of Numbness And Tingling

Numbness is an anesthetic effect which dulls the sensation caused by any stimulus. Tingling numbness in back is experienced by many persons. The reason can be as simple as sitting for a prolonged period in one place to a serious ailment such as herniated inter vertebral disc. Persons suffering from numbness in their back may also complain of tingling and sensation of pins and needles.

Depending on the underlying cause, numb feeling in back can be acute and short lasting, periodic or chronic. Numbness and tingling can occur all over the back or in a sporadic area.

Numbness in back requires medical evaluation, because it is crucial to know the underlying cause rather than treat numbness just as a symptom.

What Causes Numbness And Tingling In Back?

There is a spectrum of reason for numbness in back. The loss of sensation together with tingling in back primarily develops due to three reasons. In physical context, numbness in back may develop as a result of damage to nerves that innervate muscles of back, it can also occur as a result of insufficient blood circulation in back or neurological disorders which affect the nerves.

In some cases psychological reasons such as anxiety and depression can manifest its symptoms as loss of sensation and tingling feeling in back. Let us begin with the common causes first.

  • The most common reason for numbness in back which may occur day in and out is due to improper sitting. If you sit for long hours in one position pressing your back to hard surface, the blood circulation may get compromised. This may result in numb feeling, but it lasts for few hours till the circulation is resumed normally.
  • Herniated spinal disc is another important reason for numb feeling in back. Between the two vertebra there is a disc which protects and cushions the spinal column from jerks. Over a period of time, especially with growing age the disc may degenerate and the nerve roots arising from the spinal cord may get compressed. If the nerves which innervate the back muscles are affected, a person may complain of tingling sensation and numbness in back. This may prolong for a long period till the underlying cause is treated.
  • A neurological disorder called multiple sclerosis can have one of its major symptoms as numbness in back. These patients may also complain of extreme fatigue, muscle spasm, depression etc. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease and the reason is not known. It is a slow progressive disease but can be managed with medications and physical therapy. Numbness in this disease can be periodical or constant in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes affects the peripheral nerves of body. The peripheral nerves of back are also affected. People suffering from diabetes since long time are most vulnerable to develop numb feeling in their body, including back.
  • A person suffering from leprosy, which in medical parlance is also called Hansen’s disease, can experience numbness in back. Certain types of bacteria are responsible for this disease. In this condition the nerves of hands, legs and even of back are desensitized. Once a common disease, Hansen’s is now also completely eradicated from developed nations. However, it is still prevalent in developing countries.
  • Deep burns on back can also damage the nerve ending and result in numbness.

Natural Remedies To Cure Numbness In Back

Numbness in back is a symptom and not a disease, so the aim is to treat underlying cause of numbness. Since tingling and numbness in back can develop due to minor as well as major illness, it is important to evaluate and diagnose the condition.

  • Change your sitting posture frequently or get up for a while in between if you have to sit for a long time in one place. This will prevent numbness in back.
  • If the cause is due to slipped vertebral disc, alternative therapy such as chiropractic, acupressure, and acupuncture may be effective in reducing numbness together with relieving other symptoms.
  • Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease, but the symptoms can be controlled with medication as well as gentle exercise.
  • Homeopathic remedies may be beneficial in healing nerve damage which is often the cause of numbness in back.
  • Herbs such as Rosemary, Ginko biloba are also found beneficial in addressing the underlying cause of numbness in back.
  • Try yoga and meditation, if the cause of numbness in back is due to anxiety and numbness.