Arms Fall Asleep At Night: Treatment Numbness In Arms And Hands

Arms falling asleep at night refer to tingling and numbness in the arms. Tingling is associated with unusual sensation in the arms while numbness is loss of sensation in the arms. This is a common condition that affects several individuals, especially females and is often associated with some underlying problem.

Arms Fall Asleep At Night

All body parts, including arms, are supplied by nerves, which are responsible for mobility and sensation in the organs. Undue and prolonged pressure on the nerves tends to result in tingling and numbness of the affected part.

Causes Of Arms And Hands Falling Asleep

Inappropriate sleeping posture is associated with compression of the nerves supplying the arms.

The compression of the nerves, especially during night may result in the arms to fall asleep. This condition is often very painful and distressing. There are several other contributing factors for this condition which include,

  • Calcium deficiency is often associated with tingling and numbness
  • Spinal problems including hernation of disc, spinal lythiasis or spinal lysthesis may also compress the nerves supplying the arms which may be associated with tingling and numbness
  • Injury to the concerned nerve or the spinal cord may also be associated with this condition
  • Pregnant women often complain of arms falling asleep and is associated with mineral and vitamin deficiency

Treatment For Numbness In Hands And Arms

The treatment comprises of the following:

  1. Take regular calcium supplements or foods that are high in calcium including egg, diary products, green leafy vegetables, soy, etc
  2. Rectify your sleeping posture.
  3. Ensure that you change your position from time to time. Sitting or standing in a single position for a prolonged period of time may result in tingling and numbness.