Argan Oil Medicinal Properties: Health Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin

Argan oil is produced from the agran tree which is found in Morocco and has several cosmetic, nutritive and medicinal properties. The tree is well adapted to the conditions of southwestern Morocco and is also current considered to be an endangered species and is under the protection of UNESCO. Argan Oil continues to remain one of the rarest oils in the world due to the limited growth of the tree and very specific growing area.

Argan oil is one of the rarest and the most expensive oils in the world. Though in recent times it has gained considerable publicity due to the miracle ingredient for beauty, this oil is high in vitamin E and contains about eight percent of fatty acids which is essential to treat skin ailments.

Medicinal Properties Of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is loaded with natural tocopherols (i.e. Vitamin E) and is also rich in phenols and phenolic acid, carotenes and squalene. In addition it is loaded with essential fatty acids and 80% of argan oil comprises of unsaturated fatty acids. The highest concentration is of oleic acid followed by linoleic acid and Plamitic acid.

This oil is more resistant to oxidation compared to olive oil and can be used to be consumed along with bread, salads or be used instead of peanut butter.

Local application of Argan Oil aids in the management of skin ailments of all types and provides healing and protection of the skin.

Skin And Health Benefits Of Argan Oil

Argan Oil has potential benefits which include the following,

  • Healing Purpose: Active ingredient in Argan Oil called triterpenoids, are helpful in tissue healing and have sun protective properties. In addition this active ingredient also protects against infections and inflammatory responses.
  • The oil contains Sterolins which improve skin metabolism and help in moisture retention giving a lively and vibrant skin
  • Argan Oil has beneficial action on reducing wrinkles and restoring the hydrolipid layer of the skin.
  • It contains sterols which have a unique property of reducing inflammation, reduce cholesterol absorption by the intestine and also has several anti cancer properties
  • Argan Oil improves digestion by improving the production of gastric juices and also is beneficial in the management of gastric and esophageal ulcers
  • Due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, it is beneficial in management of arthritis
  • As the oil is loaded with Vitamin E, it improves the body’s immune response
  • It is beneficial in treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema and also beneficial in preventing pregnancy marks
  • Argan Oil has tonic and aphrodisiac properties which enhance the libido and sexual abilities of an individual.

Agran Oil extraction has been done manually for several centuries and is an important source of income for individuals living in the southern province of Morocco. However in recent times as the demand for the oil is increasing in the western world, due to its potentially medicinal properties, mechanical extraction of the oil is underway.