Aloe Vera Plant Benefits For Sunburn: How To Use It For Burns?

Since time immemorial, plants have been used to treat diseases and promote health. People have understood that many plants, whether it be their roots, leaves, flowers or berries have pharmacological activity. Beneficial properties of plant medicine have been passed down from generation to generation, either by word of mouth or by writing.

There are few botanical plants that are highly revered; one of them is Aloe Vera plant and its succulent leaf. This desert plant from North Africa has been used since thousands of years for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Now the plant is widely cultivated in many parts of the world.

In fact Aloe Vera has become popular natural medicine in every household for minor ailments such as minor burns, sunburns, insect bites, rashes and wounds.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Sunburn

In early days, the Egyptians and people living in Middle East started using the Aloe Vera plant. According to a legend, Dioscorides, a Greek historian, recommended Aloe Vera for treating burns, especially sunburns. The gel or the juice of aloe leaf is the main substance used to heal sunburn. The gel is an undiluted gooey substance found in the center of aloe leaves.

The thick sap found in the leaf contains mucilaginous complex sugars called mucopolysaccharides. When exposed to air, the sap becomes thick and hard. The complex sugar gives a soothing effect on the skin. It also reduces inflammation, acts as an antibacterial over wounds and burns. The thick gel of Aloe Vera leaf also contains salicylic acid and magnesium. It produces an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the burn. Besides, Aloe Vera gel also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium which accelerates the healing process.

How To Use Aloe Vera Plant For Sunburn?

It is believed that suntan is healthy for the body.

However, excessive exposure to sun can be detrimental to health. The UV rays emitting from the sun can actually cause damage to the skin leading to sunburn. In sunburn, the skin becomes red and tender. Applying Aloe Vera gel helps to heal sunburn. You can apply ready to use Aloe Vera gel available from medical stores. But the pulp which is extracted fresh from the cut leaf of Aloe Vera is more effective. For this you have to take following steps:

  • Cut the leaf from Aloe Vera plant. Avoid uprooting the whole plant. You can use a knife to cut the leaf.
  • Keep the leaf in refrigerator for it to become cold. Once it becomes cold, peel and open the leaf and directly apply the juicy pulp over the sunburn area.
  • By squeezing the leaf, you can also extract fresh aloe juice. You can apply this juice over the sunburn. However, many people feel slight stinging sensation as the juice is slightly astringent.
  • Instead, you can mix the aloe juice derived from the aloe leaf with vitamin E. Apply it on the sunburn area. Vitamin E initiates healing process.
  • Keep the remaining unused cut portion of Aloe Vera leaf in refrigerator. After few hours follow the same procedure and extract the juice. Apply it again. Applying the juice four to five times in a day helps to soothe and heal the sunburn faster.