Urine Therapy: Drinking Urine Benefits, Side Effects of Urotherapy

Drinking Urine Benefits

  • Despite the lack of scientific proof, many people are getting into urotherapy in an attempt to live forever with excellent health and an increased vitality and zest for life.
  • Urotherapy, or the act of drinking your own bladder contents, is even said to turn back the hands of time with anti aging benefits.
  • Urine therapy benefits the immune system in a big way.
    That function alone is said to make every condition in the body easier to deal with and improve on, even if the system has long been compromised.
  • 8 If the therapy is initiated from a young age, problems can be prevented altogether.
  • The advantages of a no cost health treatment that you have a never ending supply of within reach is unfathomable in our world today.
  • The truth is that we already have it, and we carry the supply around safe in our bodies, no matter how far or where we travel.

Urine Therapy Side Effects

  • It is said that adverse effects are actually a necessary part of urine therapy. They need to be experienced for heath and revitalization to occur.
  • They are a natural part of the process and should not be considered a red flag to stop the therapy.
  • Urine therapy side effects will come back at times while therapy continues. The length of time they last is individualized. It can be anywhere from a day or two up to 5-6 months.
  • There may be a red flushing of the face or fever. Pain and muscle discomfort may be present. You may feel fatigued. The symptoms may come and go. They are to be considered as prove that healing is in progress.