Too Much Fiber Symptoms: Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Fiber

Recently there is a food fad of fiber diet, yes in a reasonable and balanced quantity fiber are good for our health, but too much of fiber may cause health problems as well, therefore one should be made aware of unpleasant health condition with too much fiber diet.

Fiber And Digestion

Fiber in considered to be indigestible portion in our food. Fiber in our diet is of two type’s soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, soluble fiber breaks down into gases and other products in our colon. Whereas insoluble fiber remains intact, it absorbs water in the bowel and facilitates bowel movement.

Too Much Fiber Symptoms

Let us discuss about bad effects of too much of fiber in our food and symptoms it produces:

  • Flatulence or gas formation in colon, which is most embarrassing symptom of consuming too much of fiber.
  • Constipation can be one of the symptoms of too much of insoluble fiber, as it absorbs water in the intestine making the byproducts hard, if you do not drink enough water with fiber.
  • You may get dehydrated if proper intake of water is not maintained in case you eat too much of fiber food.

Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Fiber

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Too much of fiber can cause diarrhea if excess of water is consumed with fiber intake.
  • In some rare cases intestinal obstruction can result with too much of fiber diet.

Considering the side effects and symptoms of too much of fiber, one should consume fiber wisely in required quantity to avoid its later consequences.