Too Much Caffeine Symptoms: Remedy For Caffeine Addiction

A person, who just can’t get started in the morning unless he drinks a pot of coffee, may be hurting his health and body in the process.

Excessive intake of caffeine can be dangerous to the health. If you think that drinking more coffee or tea will make you more productive and alert, think again. It actually may inhibit any productivity.

Too Much Caffeine Symptoms

  • Anxiety, headaches, and difficulty focusing or concentrating are among the common symptoms of having too much caffeine.
  • A flushed face and fevers can occur. You may experience periods of being too cold and being over heated.
    Feeling very shaky and nervous will make you very uncomfortable.

Excessive Caffeine Effects Remedy

To cut down on the side effects of too much caffeine, focus on moderation. Too much of anything is no good for the body. The long term goal is to limit coffee to less than 3 cups per day.

  • For a caffeine addiction remedy, don’t decrease your intake abruptly. It is important to wean yourself off the caffeine slowly to avoid serious caffeine withdrawal symptoms.


  • Start by cutting back 1 cup per day. If you usually drink 5 cups, just drink 4.
    Next day, cut another out and drink 3.
  • Cutting all caffeine off suddenly can could your body thru terrible side effects. Within the first half day, headaches may begin and become severe over the next day.

Symptoms Of Caffeine Withdrawal

  • Withdrawal symptoms can last up to 72 hours, depending how elevated your levels were.
  • Headaches can be severe. You may feel light headed or dizzy. Your nerves will be on edge and you will be very irritable. Take it slow.
  • Find more nutritious ways to get you going in the morning like a protein shake or a big glass of water. Your body will adjust.

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