Teenage Bedwetting: Causes, Natural Cures For Bedwetting In Teenagers

In order to manage teenage bedwetting, a complete medical history is very important to understand the precise cause. Certain measures help change in the mind set of the teenager and treat bedwetting effectively.

Causes Of Teenage Bedwetting

  • Urinary bladder dysfunction: occasionally, a small bladder cannot hold a large volume of urine. Irregular muscle spasms take place, and thus, involuntary urination takes place at night.
  • Hormonal irregularities: The ADH hormone regulates the rate of urination at night.
    Those having a deficiency of the hormone suffer from bedwetting.
  • Hereditary is an important factor.
  • Psychological issues: stress, peer pressure, mental trauma, failure to cope with the strain and emotional disturbances trigger bed wetting in teens.
  • Health issues: obstinate constipation, childhood diabetes, spinal cord trauma and UTI set off bedwetting in teens.

Natural Cures For Bedwetting

  • Before retiring for the night, avoid foods that irritate the bladder.
    Steer clear of tea, coffee, aerated beverages and alcohol. Also, cut down the water intake just before bed time.
  • A hypnotic cure to manage bed wetting successfully, needs you to imagine that you are dry and are not going to wet the bed. This is called ‘Positive Imagery’ pass urine before going to bed, and then start imagining that you will not wet the bed.
  • Bedwetting alarms are extremely effective. The alarm is to be worn inside the underwear. The moment you wet the bed, the alarm begins to ring. You awaken immediately. Over a period of time, you will stop bed wetting successfully.

Treatment For Bedwetting In Teenagers

In certain severe cases, the doctor may prescribe medications to treat the condition. The drugs control ADH activity. The drugs are available as nasal sprays / pills.
Teenage bedwetting can be cured completely. However, drugs should be the last alternative to manage bed wetting. Increase your level of awareness and develop strong, positive thoughts before going to bed.