Swollen Hands In The Morning | Swelling Of Hands And Fingers Remedies

Causes Of Swollen Hands And Fingers In the Morning

  • Long walks in chilly weather / warm weather could result in swelling of the fingers and hands. Also, high altitude contributes to swelling.
  • Electrolyte imbalance is an important cause. An imbalance occurs when one sweats, (because salt is lost) and when you consume excessive salt, (the system must work to balance the amount of salt with extra fluid). This is known to cause swelling.
  • Movement of the arm or a lack of it causes edema. The muscles of the arm are small and less used while walking; thus, they do not help in sending the blood back to the heart. This leads to edema.

Remedies For Swelling Of Hands In the Morning

  • Remove rings and wristwatch before a walk.
  • Hold a small article to grip lightly, now and then as you walk.
  • Perform an intermittent arm swing.
  • Do not clench hands; keep them relaxed. Occasionally, stretch all fingers and then make a fist. Repeat several times.
  • Each time you sweat, take care to balance the water and salt. Lemon water with a pinch of salt and sugar (or honey) is ideal.