Sweaty Feet Causes | Home Remedies for Sweaty Feet

Why Do Feet Smell

Sweaty feet are common in those having to wear socks and shoes for long time every day. The apocrine sweat glands produce fluid which has no odor and bacterial action give it an odor after some hours. The sweat glands start to be active on puberty and are found to be less active in women than in men. Most of them are under your arms.

How to Prevent Sweaty Feet

  • Eat enough of unsaturated fatty acids (which is present is quality vegetable oils) and zinc which helps relieve from excess sweat and odor due to it.
  • Excessive sweat can be caused due to liver dysfunction, certain parasites, diabetes mellitus and chronic constipation.
  • Meat eaters have more complaint of sweaty feet and odor than those who are vegetarian.
  • Keep personal hygiene and drink lots of water.
  • Sweaty feet can cause odor when the socks are not changed for long periods and also by wearing plastic or rubber shoes. In most cases the type of shoes may be the cause and not the feet. As leather shoes are very expensive, many people wear plastic or rubber shoes which don’t allow the air to pass through.
    Tight shoes may also cause burning feet sensation syndrome.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Feet

  • Coriander and licorice contains many chemicals which have anti-bacterial properties and thus help reduce the odor of the sweat. Ginger also contains similar amount of anti-bacterial action. Powder one or all of them and rub them over your feet daily.
  • Drink a glass of greens, whizzed up in appleĀ  or pineapple juice everyday. Meals should be eaten at least four hours before going to bed. Once in a while eat only vegetable and fruits juices for a day.
  • Boil a liter of water and add to it one teaspoon of white oak bark or wild alum root. Let it steep for 20 minutes, pour it in a bucket and soak your feet into it.
  • Steep one teaspoon of goldenseal in half a liter of boiled water and drink 2 cups before going to bed. This will help prevent foot sweat.