How To Treat A Spider Bite: Symptoms And Spider Bites Home Remedy

Spiders are one of the tiniest creatures on earth that a lot of people has developed a fondness for. However, despite the fact that they are liked everywhere, there is a very dangerous side to it. One is the fact that spiders do bite humans, and depending on the type of spider, the bite can be harmful or not.

Although it is rare that spiders actually bites humans and that their bites rarely break the skin, it is nonetheless very important for people to be familiar with the ways in handling spider bites.

Generally spider bites can give rise to itching, redness, and swelling in the area of its bite. They are not potential threat to health except two varieties of spiders; they are black widow more commonly found in North America and button spider in South Africa.

99% of spiders are of garden variety and their bites are non lethal, they can be treated at home, but with a vigilant eye for serious reaction, and if that occurs immediately shift the patient to a medical institute.

How To Treat A Spider Bite?

Steps to be taken at home after a spider bite:

  • Wash the area of bite with soap and water.
    This will wash the extra venom and bacteria on the surface of skin.
  • Apply an ice pack to the bite area every 10 to 15 minutes; keep some cloth between the ice pack and the skin, as it may not damage the skin surface.
  • Elevate the bite location if it is on legs and hand, this will reduce swelling.
  • Paste of Baking soda or calamine lotion can be applied on surface of the skin to get relief from burning pain.

Home Remedies For Spider Bites

  • Use essential oil such as basil, cinnamon, lavender, thyme. They have anti venom property. Apply one drop on the bite.
  • Take a shot of tetanus toxoid from your doctor as early as possible.
  • If the symptoms of pain are intense, if there is severe spasm of muscles around the bite, swelling in other parts of body, and palpitation and breathlessness, immediately call 911 for emergency treatment.