Poor Circulation In Arms: Increase Blood Circulation In Hands And Arms

Causes of Poor Circulation in Hands And Arms

Some common causes for poor circulation in arms and hands include:

  • Underlying medical conditions like atherosclerosis and diabetes can cause decreased blood flow to and through the extremities.
  • Some medicines and poor diet can cause aeries and veins to narrow or fill with plaque, thus decreasing the amount of blood that reaches the extremities.
  • Having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels makes a person prone to circulatory problems.
  • Pressure on main arteries or veins can temporarily reduce blood flow. Sometimes this occurs when you lay on your arm or hand for extended periods when sleeping.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Arms

  • Numbness and tingling are the common symptoms of poor circulation in arms and hands.
  • The extremity may be cool to touch.


Treatments To Increase Blood Circulation In Hands And Arms

  • A lot of times, adjusting the diet can dramatically improve circulatory blood flow problems. Adding pumpkin and peppers will assist in increasing circulation by contributing beta carotene.
  • Citrus fruits give extra vitamin C which is essential for good blood transport and blood vessel health in general.
  • Natural supplements like gingko biloba can increase the circulation to the extremities by dilating the vessels.
  • Steer clear of products that constrict the vessels and decrease blood flow to vital parts.

Remedies For Poor Circulation In Arms And Legs

  • Too much caffeine, or alcohol can be detrimental to circulation. Smoking and nicotine severely effects the blood flow. Practice moderation if you can’t quit altogether.
  • Warm oil massages work well to help with circulation difficulties.
  • Garlic eaten daily is said to naturally warm the body and help with blood flow.
  • Staying active is the best help you can give to your entire body. Exercising daily in some form helps gain optimal blood flow to all the vital systems and organs.