Nitric Oxide Bodybuilding: Benefits, Side Effects Of NO2 Supplements

Nitric Oxide is a gas, which is produced by breaking down Amino acid Arginine to L-citruline thorough the action of an enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase, in the body. Nitric Oxide is used as a messenger to communicate between other cells in the body. Nitric Oxide comprises of one atom of Nitrogen and two atoms of Oxygen.

Nitric Oxide Bodybuilding Benefits

There is comprehensive scientific literature which suggests the efficacy of Nitric Oxide which was published in a document prepared by the Royal Society and Association of British Writers. As per the report, Nitric Oxide controls the blood circulation and is critical in transmitting message between various nerve cells.

Nitric Oxide increases the blood flow, which is important for body builders as it aids in increased supply for nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and aids in muscular hypertrophy. Though Nitric oxide is essential for all individuals, in recent times, it has gained enormous importance among body builder community, due to its ability to increase blood flow and improve muscle size.

Side Effects Of NO2 Supplements

Though Nitric Oxide supplements are regularly used by body builders, the supplement is not free of side-effects. Firstly, intake of nitric oxide supplements is associated with an unhealthy weight gain, as there is an increased need to supply energy to the muscles.

In addition nitric oxide is associated with renal problems including kidney stones and ulcers. Further, increased supplementation of Nitric oxide (in the form of creatinine) is associated with abdominal cramps, nausea and other gastro-intestinal diseases. Nitric Oxide also increases the risk of developing cancers.