Natural Liver Cleanse | How To Cleanse Liver Naturally

Natural Liver Cleanse

Our liver performs a variety of functions. In fact, it is the main organ referred to as our body’s chemical factory. Thus, it is always important and necessary to engage in the natural liver cleansing ways to keep it in great functioning condition. One of the natural methods for liver cleanse is eating the right food that would help cleanse, nourish, and detoxify the liver.

Liver Cleanse At Home

One of the natural liver cleanse recipe that can be made at home includes the use of 4 tbsp Epsom salt, one cup of light olive oil, fifteen grapefruits, twelve apples, and three pieces of lemon.

Prepare this recipe by following the instructions below:

How To Cleanse Liver Naturally

  • At 8 am to 12 pm, make a juice with the twelve grapefruits and make it a water substitute during the time frame.
  • Apart from the grapefruit, drink one glass of water mixed with one tbsp Epsom salt with squeezed lemon. You can also drink this preparation with ice cold water.
  • Before bedtime, make sure to fix yourself the same recipe to effectively clean the liver.
  • Or at 8 pm, you can try drinking grapefruit juice with one cup of olive oil. Remember to drink the juice slowly to wash out the toxins inside your body.
  • Moreover, it is best to lie down and rest to allow the juice and olive oil to cleanse the liver.
  • When you wake up, prepare again a mixture of the grapefruit, apples, and lemon with Epsom salt in a glass of water and drink slowly.
  • This liver cleansing recipe will make your liver clean for a whole month.