L-Lysine Benefits: Health Benefits Of Amino Acids For Hair And Skin

L-lysine is an amino acid. It plays an important role in cellular growth and repair of wear and tear. Rich sources of the amino acid are: egg, fish, red meat, milk, cheese, lentils, pulses and peas.

Health Benefits Of Amino Acids

The following are some of the remarkable health benefits that the amino acid offers:

  • L-lysine is required for the manufacture of collagen; it plays a significant role in supporting a healthy skin, and healthy ligaments and tendons.
  • The amino acid also supports bone health
  • It helps decrease the relentlessness and intensity of herpes-linked cold sores.
    It assists in fighting the herpes virus. Cold sores near the genitals can be effectively handled using L-lysine supplementation. The amino acid also treats general cold sores successfully.
  • Shingles are extremely painful lesions that occur because of a re-activation of the (VZ) varicella zoster virus. Supplementing the body with this amino acid helps manage shingles efficiently.

Experts recommended stepping up the daily intake of dietary sources of the essential amino acid and also supplementing the body via L-lysine foods, pills / capsules.

L-Lysine Skin Benefits

L-lysine builds collagen. It encourages and supports the skin tissue, giving the skin a healthy glow and radiance. It fights aging and keeps the skin looking younger.

L-Lysine Benefits For Hair

L-lysine exerts a powerful effect on the hair and scalp. It is used frequently for the effective management of hair loss, especially, andro-genetic alopecia. It slows down factors that cause hair fall and hair loss and promotes scalp health.