Desensitization Therapy Second Criteria: Desensitization Side Effects

Question: What is the second criteria for desensitization therapy? Is desensitization dangerous? How does the therapy work?

The second criteria for desensitization is that – desensitization should be attempted only on people whose asthma is not very severe and is not controlled by drug therapy and allergen avoidance. It simply means that before an individual is considered for desensitization they must first do everything to avoid the offending substance. The doctor must use the best available and best selected asthma medication. These two steps can bring about improvement to make desensitization unnecessary in most cases.

Desensitization Therapy Side Effects And Risks

Desensitization is dangerous because it involves injecting a substance into the patient’s body even after knowing that he is severely allergic to it. It can lead to severe and dangerous reactions. Earlier, regular deaths were reported from the procedure and it was abandoned completely for sometime.

In desensitization therapy a series of injections of the allergen extract, commonly referred to as allergy injections is given to the patient. The extract contains the specific protein that causes allergic reaction.

In the beginning each injection comprises of a very small of protein allergen.

But after few months larger amounts of protein are gradually added to the extract until the person reaches the maximum maintenance level or dose of allergen. And when the person is built up to the top dosage of allergen per injection vial, injections are administered less frequently.