Cocoa Butter Lotion: Homemade Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipe Benefits

Cocoa butter is a natural fat extracted from cocoa seeds; it is a cream colored fat with a pleasant scent, and smoothness. Due to its aroma and positive health benefits cocoa butter is added in many preparations such as chocolates, cosmetic creams and lotions, soaps and toiletries. Its use as moisturizer is well known for centuries, people used cocoa butter to make their skin look shiny, smooth and supple.

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter Lotion

Cocoa butter lotion gives relief in skin conditions like eczema, lichen planus and psoriasis. It is due to its inherited natural quality of retaining moisture which makes it worth in treating skin conditions.

Besides this cocoa butter lotion also contains a chemical polyphenol which is known to prevent immunoglobulin IgE to form in our body, auto immune diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis, asthma can be controlled if not cured by applying cocoa butter lotion.

Cocoa Butter Lotion Uses

Cocoa butter lotion is used in aromatherapy massage, its natural and pleasant scent relaxes an individual of stress and depression after a massage.

Cocoa butter massage is also claimed by few researchers to be useful in preventing heart, and cancerous conditions.

Homemade Cocoa Butter Lotion Recipe

Cocoa butter lotion recipe and ingredients:

Cocoa butter 5 tbs, coconut oil 2 tbs, almond oil 1 tbs, powered oatmeal and lavender essential oil.

  • Heat the cocoa butter in a double boiler and keep it aside.
  • Now mix coconut oil, almond oil and powdered oatmeal and blend them well.
  • Add the above mixture to melted cocoa butter and blend them again.
  • Add 2 to 4 drops of lavender oil and blend.
  • Keep the lotion in cool dry place, and refrigerate it if you want to keep for a longer period.
  • Add a teaspoon to your bath water or you can apply it as a massage lotion.