Causes Of Extreme Tiredness: Medical Reasons For Extreme Fatigue

Everyone may have experienced of being tired at some point, but unexplained extreme tiredness may need some attention for its occurrence.

In order to treat the condition, a person has to find the cause of extreme tiredness.

Causes Of Extreme Tiredness

There are certain conditions which may cause this problem:

  • Lack of sleep may be one such reason where the person may feel extreme tired in the coming morning. To fix it, sleep for seven to eight hour is necessary every night.
  • Sleep apnea: even if the person sleeps for eight hours, sleep gets interrupted due to stoppage of breathing for a while, this make him deprived of sound sleep and the result is sleepiness in the morning with tiredness.
  • Anemia; it is the leading cause of extreme tiredness in women. It causes lack of oxygen saturation in the blood and correspondingly in the tissue as its nutrient.
  • Depression: it may be a cause for extreme tiredness due to relevant loss of appetite observed in many cases of depression.

Medical Reasons For Extreme Fatigue

  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Caffeine overload: in moderate dose it is a stimulant, but too much caffeine can cause extreme fatigue in some people especially in men.
  • Heart disease: extreme tiredness strikes in every day activity. It can be a sign that your heart is no longer up to the job. This a common complain in men.
  • Some people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome; tiredness is so severe that he cannot manage his daily activities. Tiredness if lasts for more than six months is termed as chronic fatigue syndrome.