BIPAP Vs CPAP: CPAP And BIPAP Machine For Sleep Apnea Treatment

Let us know the full form of bipap (bi-level positive airway pressure) and cpap (continuous positive airway pressure).


This are the two treatments used for sleep apnea. Both the therapies have difference but, both are effective methods in treating the sleep apnea condition.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder, where the person snores loudly and has choking episodes in the throat.

CPAP Machine For Sleep Apnea Treatment

Cpap machine: it provides continuous air flow while sleeping at a suggested level. It forces the throat to remain open because there is a continuous flow of compressed air through the mask.

Thus it prevents the narrowing of airway due to relaxed respiratory muscles in sleep. The oxygen flow is also not interrupted as the airway is kept wide due to cpap machine. It is beneficial when the person has respiratory problems and neuromuscular problems as the air is forced inside.

BIPAP Machine

The bipap machine has different level of pressure when you inhale and exhale. It is useful for people suffering from cardiac and respiratory disorder along with sleep apnea. Especially patients who are suffering from COPD, bipap is valuable treatment.

Since both the machines are useful, the most appropriate and suitable machine will be advised by your doctor according to physical condition and after your examination.

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