Acupressure for Back, Neck Pain Relief | Pressure Points for Backache


Hi, my name is Vinay, last year I suffered a slip disc injury at my lower back, now I am quite ok, but again 1 month back, I suffered from cervical disc injury, I workout at the gym, as I was a professional model some time back. But I am taking a lot of precautions now after my back got injured and follow proper techniques and have adequate resting time during the work out. Also I have lowered my days for workout in a week, but now I am concerned that even after taking so much care about myself, I am again and again getting serious injuries, can you please suggest what kind of routine I should follow, as I am quite keen on continuing my workout at gyms, can you suggest some kind of acupressure technique to stay fit from injuries.


What are the other injuries that you have sustained after the spinal injuries? Are you having any of the following symptoms – pain in the nape of the neck, lower back, tingling numbness, stiffness, or reduced range of motion?

Acupressure Points for Back Pain

  • First point : The first acupressure point actually covers a large area. The outer border of the thumb, from the nail to the wrist, represents the spine. Press the entire portion twice a day, for 1 minute.
  • Second point : The point in between the thumb and the fore finger (the pulp) should be pressed daily for beneficial results to be seen.
  • Third point : At the navel, draw a line that goes horizontally backwards, on the spine. Now, on either side of the spine, in the muscle, are the 2 points which are very effective and exert a beneficial impact on the spine.

Press all these points every day twice or thrice, for 1 minute each. Regular practice will ease backaches and neck problems, improve spinal functioning and strengthen the vertebral column, shielding it against injuries.

Also, make sure that your daily intake of vitamin C is good. Vitamin C has been proved to ease back troubles, and importantly, it revs up the immune system, lowering chances of injuries.