Symptoms Of Tannin Allergy And Sensitivity | Treatment For Allergies

Tannin is an ingredient which is found in drinks, namely tea, coffee and red wine and is associated with allergic reaction. Tannin is an acid and the allergic symptoms associated with it can range from mild to severe life threatening situation. Immediate medical attention is required for efficient tannin allergy treatment

Tannin Allergy Symptoms

Tannin is a plant product and can result in sudden allergic reaction even in individuals that have consumed the drinks for several years without any side effects.

Mild to moderate symptoms include headache, anxiety, and jitteriness. Occasionally the condition may be associated with stomach upsets, diarrhea and gastro-intestinal distress.

The symptoms may imitate hay fever symptoms, which makes it prone to misdiagnosis.

In individuals sensitive to tannin, severe life threatening symptoms may be observed. Though these symptoms are preceded by allergy symptoms, occasionally these symptoms may develop spontaneously. The symptoms include swollen tongue, blockage of air passage, chocking sensation and difficulty in breathing.

Homeopathic Treatment For Allergies

Intolerance to tannin is attributed to over activation of the histamine defense of the body which in turn may result in swelling of the mucous membrane and soft tissue.

Prevention is the best treatment. Avoid drinks containing tannin.

In case of allergic reaction, antihistamines may be prescribed and in severe cases a physician may use atropine or other strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

Homeopathic drugs namely Bryonia Alb and Antimony Tart may be recommended in patients with severe breathlessness or respiratory symptoms. Immediate medical attention is imperative in all cases of allergy.