Shampoo Allergy Symptoms: Causes Of Allergic Reaction To Shampoo

Most of us use shampoo to wash our hair; however in few individuals the trouble starts no sooner they shampoo their hairs. This is because they are allergic to shampoo. The synthetic and chemical ingredients present in the shampoo can trigger allergic reaction on their skin especially on their scalp.

Allergic Reaction To Shampoo Causes

It is necessary to know why shampoo allergy occurs and the preventive measures you can take if you are allergic to shampoo. Most of the shampoo contains any of these ingredients which are known to cause shampoo allergy.

These ingredients are sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl, foaming agents, ammonia laureth sulfate, preservatives, essential oils such as lavender oil or chamomile oil or rose oil and fragrances etc.  Shampoo allergy is a type of allergic dermatitis. It happens when your immune system overreacts and considers the chemicals present in the shampoo to be harmful which are normally harmless. Even if in the initial stages if there is no reaction when you use it, the regular use of the product can cause sensitivity and allergic reaction to their skin and the scalp if they are hypersensitive.

Symptoms Of Shampoo Allergy

The commonly encountered shampoo allergy symptom is itching in the scalp and inflammation of the scalp soon after you apply the shampoo. The symptom goes away when you wash your hair thoroughly after shampooing your hairs; however it may take some time. Itching on the scalp is not comfortable feeling and makes you scratch your head, this can further harm the skin and there are chances of infection of the scalp. Small blisters can appear on the scalp. Your scalp skin becomes sensitive and burn. The systemic allergy symptoms include hives all over the body and burning eyes. Shampoo allergy also causes dryness of scalp and dandruff. These symptoms often mimic those of primary bacterial and yeast infection of the scalp, therefore it has to be distinguished from the shampoo allergy.

Besides if you are allergic to shampoo, you can have problems of hair loss. The problem starts because of dandruff and dry scalp skin.

Shampoo Allergy Treatment

The immediate and the best treatment for shampoo allergy is to thoroughly wash your hair, scalp, face and neck. As the allergen is removed, its allergic symptoms are also reduced.

Switch to another shampoo to cleanse your hair in future, the new shampoo will eliminate the residue left over of the old shampoo. You can use a conditioner instead of a shampoo if you are having curly hairs.

Use hypoallergenic shampoos which are free from scent and dye.

If the scalp itching and inflammation is troublesome, the natural ingredients present in aloe vera gel is beneficial.