Morphine Allergy Symptoms: Treatment For Allergic Reaction To Morphine

Morphine is a drug which is often used as a sedative for the treatment of severe pain. Though true allergic reactions of morphine are very rare, it can occasionally occur due to overactive immune response. Physicians tend to prescribe different class of opiates in patients allergic to morphine

The symptoms associated with allergic reaction to morphine can range of mild symptoms like nasal congestion to life threatening situations like anaphylactic shock. Prompt treatment and critical management of the patient is required in cases of morphine allergies.

Symptoms Of Allergic Reaction To Morphine

Some of the common morphine allergy symptoms include,

  • Allergic dermatitis is often manifested in the form of skin rash, are a common symptom associated with allergy to morphine.
    The rash may be in the form of hives or blisters. Confirmation of allergy to morphine is done by using diagnostic patch test
  • Nasal Congestion is another way in which morphine allergy may manifest. Nasal congestion is often associated with watery eyes, runny nose and burning in the eyes. This allergic reaction is attributed to the release of histamines into the blood, due to exposure to the allergen, morphine.
    Histamine results in increased permeability of the arterial walls which results in edema in select tissues. Often itchiness in the throat and irritation in the ears.
  • In severe cases allergic reaction to morphine may result in bronchospasm. The allergic reaction and overactive immune system may result in the muscles of the lungs to constrict which results in breathlessness
  • In severe cases of allergic reaction, the person may suffer from an anaphylactic shock which is a life threatening situation

Morphine Poisoning Symptoms

Morphine Poisoning is associated with toxic reaction of the body for allergic reaction or overdose. Some of the symptoms associated with morphine poisoning include the following,

  • Respiratory depression with bronchospasm results in ability to breath
  • Fall in blood pressure associated with circulatory failure
  • Convulsions and myoclonic jerks
  • Coma and Renal failure
  • Agitation, Nightmares, Confusion, Hallucination and vivid dreams are experienced by some individuals

Treatment For Allergy To Morphine

Treatment of morphine allergy depends upon the severity of the problem. Simple supportive measures can help relieve some of the symptoms,

  • Showers with cold water and local application of tropical ointments can relieve the skin symptoms associated with the allergy
  • Anti-histamines, steroids or bronchodilators are used to treat airway obstruction
  • In cases of severe anaphylactic shock, intramuscular injections of epinephrine are used to normalize the blood pressure and improve the circulatory volume.
  • In addition to conventional system of medicine, there are several homeopathic drugs that help treat morphine poisoning symptoms. Homeopathic drugs like Apis Mel are extremely beneficial in treatment of skin reactions while drugs like Antimony Trat are strong bronchodilators.

It is always crucial for you to remember that you are allergic to morphine and avoid using the drug in future.