Caffeine Allergy Symptoms: Treatment For Allergy To Caffeine

Knowingly or unknowingly many of us consume caffeine daily in one form or the other. Caffeine is present in tea, coffee, chocolates and soft drinks. It is also present in drugs for headache, cold and pain relief.

Allergy To Caffeine

One data suggests nearly 80 to 90 % of adult US population consume caffeine either in food products or in medications.

Caffeine is considered to be an instant energy booster, you will see many people gulp a cup of coffee or tea or soft drinks when they feel tired. But unfortunately some people are intolerant to caffeine and they present with caffeine allergy symptoms.

Caffeine Allergy Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of caffeine allergy are

  • Headache: it starts immediately after drinking caffeinated drinks. The characteristic pain is throbbing, followed by blurring of vision similar to migraine headache.
  • Skin rash: after a cup of coffee or drinking a cola there may be allergic rash all over the body.  This bumpy rash may be severely burning and itching. Caffeine allergy rash is one of the probable cause you can think of in such a condition.
  • In some, associated palpitation, heartbeats, and severe chest pain can occur as caffeine allergy symptoms.
  • Breathlessness.
  • Anxiety, jittery feeling and confusion are associated caffeine allergy symptoms.
  • Swelling of tongue, lips, with tingling in the mouth.

Two tests which can detect whether you have caffeine allergy are: skin prick test and blood test.

Treatment For Caffeine Allergy

  • Just like any food allergic treatment, your doctor treats caffeine allergy symptomatically.
  • He may prescribe anti histamines if you suffer from skin rash and swelling of lips and tongue.
  • Doctor can prescribe bronchodilators if there is breathlessness and wheezing.

If you suspect caffeine allergy, it is important to consult your doctor and start the necessary treatment. Do not venture into self medication.

If you have the past history of caffeine allergy, avoid caffeine products and stay away from caffeine allergy.

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