Do Allergies Cause Extreme Fatigue? Causes And Home Remedies

At the end of the day it is normal for a person to feel tired and fatigued from the overwork that he does at his workplace. Feeling fatigued is a draining experience. It affects your mood as well as health. When you are feeling tired even a simple task appears difficult. Tiredness can make a person more depressed.

Fatigue and tiredness can crop up due to many reasons. You will be surprised to know that an allergy is also one of the causes of extreme fatigue. At least 50 to 60 million of people are affected with allergy in USA.

Fatigue is one of the after effects of allergy. People usually know allergy symptoms are sneezing, running nose, burning eyes and rash on skin. But fatigue is also one of the symptoms. You feel more tired when your regular sleep is interfered.

How Does Allergies Cause Extreme Fatigue?

Allergy especially caused by pollen, dust and mold is common problem. Allergy can produce symptoms such as sneezing, cough, throat pain, and even skin rash with itching. All these symptoms are commonly observed with pollen and mold allergy. These symptoms can interfere with your normal sleep.

Interrupted sleep makes you feel tired in the morning when you get up.

Your sleep may be disturbed because of your stuffy nose and interference in your breathing caused by falling of tongue backwards and irritating the throat. Certain medicines especially antihistamines used to cure allergy have drowsiness as one of its side effects.

Allergy to a substance is an overzealous reaction of the immune system. Scientists do not know the exact cause underlying why some people are allergic to one substance and others are not. In the course of time after the body is exposed to an allergic substance, the immune system of the body comes into action. It responds to the allergic substance and tries to eradicate the toxins produced by it. During this process the immune system seeps away energy from entire system to fight the offending substance. It is one of the reasons for tiredness and fatigue.

How Manage Fatigue Caused By Allergies?

Few simple steps will help you to relieve fatigue and tiredness when you suffer from allergy. For example if you have allergy to dust and mold that are present in your house, placing a HEPA filter will substantially help to reduce this substance in the environment. If you are allergic to pollen, try to avoid going out during the pollen season and use air conditioning in your rooms.

If the cause is anti histamine medicines, talk for other options with your doctor. Nowadays there are several medications available which does not have drowsiness as its side effect. A proper nighttime sleep is much important to reduce fatigue. If you have nasal congestion during nighttime, put saline nasal drops that will keep open the nasal passage and you can breathe easily without disturbing your sleep.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits when you suffer from sneezing and running nose caused due to allergic virus. You can also add warm tomato soup in your meal.

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