Allergic Reaction To Flu Shot: Symptoms Of Flu Vaccine Allergy

Flu shot is nothing but an influenza vaccine. It is an inactivated vaccine which stimulates production of antibodies and other components of the immune mechanism in our body. Flu shot provides protection from the real influenza disease.

Allergic Reaction To Flu Shot

The flu vaccine contains inactivated (dead) flu viruses. While preparing the vaccine, flu viruses are grown in the allantoic cavity of chick embryos. It is the protein in the egg, which is responsible for allergy symptoms in those who have hypersensitivity to egg.

Some time allergy reaction to flu shots are caused due to the excipients in the flu vaccine, such as neomycin and polymyxin.

Symptoms Of Flu Vaccine Allergy

Symptoms of allergic reaction to flu shots are common in children and adults who have egg allergy:

  • Breathlessness and increased heart rate after a flu shot.
  • Hives and skin rash.
  • Anaphylactic reaction after the flu shot is rare, but can be life threatening.
  • Dizziness, pale skin and tongue, wheezing after the flu shot.
  • Swelling and redness at the site of injection.
  • Fever
  • Angio edema around the eyes, swelling of tongue and throat.
  • Rarely a condition known as GB syndrome may happen after the flu shot.
    It may manifest as fever, muscle weakness and in rare cases there may be paralysis of lower extremity.

If you have flu shot reaction you have to inform your health care attendant and seek his advice.

You should not get discouraged and avoid immunization if you are not allergic to egg protein. Influenza disease is more risky than getting immunized by influenza vaccine.