Acupressure Massage Therapy: Effectiveness And Trigger Points

Acupressure massage therapy is the Chinese ancient way of natural healing and relaxation involving the application of pressure to points of the body coupled with some massage techniques. It has been widely used among the Orientals for centuries and now have invaded the even the Westerners. It follows their traditional belief of qi wherein the energy flows through naturally in all living things.

Qi has the capacity to create health and wellness of the human body, and when in some instance it is disrupted by way of negative thoughts and many more, the body will eventually react, causing illness and some bad health problems.

This is where acupressure massage therapy enters, where the goal is to continue the positive flow of qi to prevent illness and heal when the flow has been disrupted.

Acupressure massage therapy is the instrument in bringing back the body’s natural balance and continuing the nature’s course.

Effectiveness Of Acupressure Therapy

The continuing flow of natural energy is basically on the meridian system. The meridian is the pathway where the energy flows through. There are twelve meridian systems in a human body where each is connected to a specific organ. When there is a disruption of the qi or the natural energy through a meridian, the corresponding organ connected to it will not function properly.

It is not only the acupressure massage therapy that uses the meridian system but there are other therapies that use it as well. The acupressure massage therapy have more than three hundred trigger points that can be manipulated to help correct the flow of energy in a person’s body. These points can be applied pressure, rubbed, pinched, squeezed, and tapped in order to restore back the natural flow of energy.

Acupressure Therapy Trigger Points

The acupressure massage therapy is mainly targeting the trigger points of the body. These are the hyper-irritable spots of the skeletal muscle associated with palpable nodules.

The nodules are contractions knots that are the common cause of pain. The pain is generally not a cause of trauma, degeneration, inflammation, or even infection. When the trigger points are compressed, it will lead to tenderness of the nodules thereby eliciting twitch response. The twitching that causes pain radiates in a distribution commonly from one point to areas distant from the trigger points itself. This explains why even if the pain is found somewhere else, the point where acupressure is to be applied can be in another area.