Acid Reflux Heart Palpitations: GERD And Palpitations Or Tachycardia

Can GERD Cause Heart Palpitations Or Tachycardia?

Tachycardia or palpitations are one of the occasional symptoms of GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease).

Along with heartburn and a sour taste in the mouth, people sometimes complain of palpitations and other cardio-vascular symptoms in combination with the acid reflux. Indeed, some people suffering from GERD complain of having a pain comparable to that of angina and other cardio-vascular disorders.

Acid Reflux And Heart Palpitations

An abnormal muscle contraction called the bronchospasm, i.e. the spasm of the bronchi, causes palpitations and chest pain. The acid that regurgitates, stimulates the esophageal nerves, consequently causing a cascade of reactions of nerve stimulation, resulting in a bronchospasm.

However, acid reflux is not a direct cause of palpitations. GERD causes chest pain due to the muscle contractions, and this makes the sufferer anxious and stressed. GERD could also trigger other angina-like symptoms, like, nausea, headache, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Acid Reflux Tachycardia

Consulting a physician is particularly important if you are at risk for cardiac disease. Do not presume that the cause of the chest pain and palpitations is an acid reflux, until the  doctor has ruled out a heart-related condition.

Treatment Of Acid Reflux Symptoms

  • Doctors prescribe medications to help alleviate the discomfort and pain and keep the acid secretion in check.
    Homoeopathy has proved to be decidedly useful in chronic cases of GERD.
  • Most important of all, is an acid reflux diet. It is the only permanent solution. Follow an alkaline diet, incorporating loads of milk, bananas, coconut water, almonds and fresh fruits. Cut down on aerated beverages, caffeinated drinks, chocolates, refined foods and processed foods.
  • Regular exercise and yoga have a wonderful effect on the GI tract and the heart.


  1. Marilyn Akins said:

    I have been diagnosed with Ectopic Ventricular Tachycardia and also GERD. I’ve had all heart related testing (+ wearing a monitor for 1 month) from Cardiologist and was told heart is healthy. Tachycardia occurs at night when I have GERD symptoms. Looking at all the info it sounds as if the two are connected which is what I have constantly told my doctors, but they have not agreed or disagreed. Should I feel less concern knowing there could and is a connection between the two?

    February 14, 2014
    • PUP said:

      For your heart related problems follow the recommendations suggested by your cardiologist. There are many home remedies that may help to control GERD (acid reflux) symptoms.
      • Lose your weight: If you are overweight, try to reduce your weight. It helps to improve acid reflux symptoms.
      • Avoid eating fried and spicy food.
      • Restrict alcohol intake.
      • Take your dinner at least 2 hours before you sleep at night.
      • Eat almonds and apples, both are known to reduce the acid reflux symptoms.
      • Chamomile tea and mint tea both are natural cure for GERD symptoms.

      February 15, 2014

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