Acid Reflux Probiotics: Benefits Of Probiotics For GERD Treatment

Acid reflux and pro-biotics have always been linked. Pro-biotics exert significant beneficial effects on the gastro-intestinal system and help maintain its healthy functioning.

What Are Acid Reflux Probiotics?

Pro-biotics are food sources or supplements that contain loads of friendly bacteria that improve digestion and perk up the body’s immune mechanism. These favorable bacteria exist in the gut, but studies specify that incorporating them in to the daily diet can have invaluable effects. That’s why; there is a supposed association between pro-biotics and acid reflux termination.

Pro-bioitics eliminate the harmful bacteria from the gut and boost the colonies of friendly bacteria, thus, combating irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and various other GI tract diseases.

Probiotics Treatment For GERD Or Acid Reflux

Very few studies have identified a correlation between pro-biotics and treatment of acid reflux in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection, one reason for acid reflux. However, drugs to treat this infection are available, and it is becoming an inconsequential cause of acid reflux.

This is the only association between acid reflux and pro-biotics, and regrettably, it isn’t useful for the common cases of acid regurgitation. By and large, acid reflux diseases need a lifestyle overhaul and an adoption of appropriate diet.