Acid Reflux And Burning Throat Causes: Treatment Of GERD Throat Burn

Acid reflux throat burning occurs due to the regular flow of acid from the stomach upwards in to the esophagus. Generally, the acid does not get refluxed upwards in to the throat. But, weak musculature of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), allows partly digested food containing acid to flow in to the esophagus. This acid from the stomach will cause damage to the internal lining of the esophagus and the pharynx, causing inflammation and a burning throat sensation.

The other symptoms associated with acid reflux and sore throat may be cough, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, sensation of lump in throat and choking feeling.

 Treatment For GERD And Burning Throat

However, the condition can be treated easily. The following guidelines will help eliminate sore throat or burning of the throat due to a reflux of the acid.

  • Salt: Gargling with tepid water, to which 1 tablespoon of table salt is added, is a highly effective remedy to fight burning of the throat.
  • Mint: Another effective remedy is consuming mint tea daily for a period of 1 month. Boil about 10 leaves in a cupful of water. Cool and drink the tea, about an hour after meals. Mint has a powerful impact on the gastro-intestinal tract.
    It acts as an anti-inflammatory and a potent digestive.
  • Honey: Immediately after meals, consume 1 spoon of honey. Honey soothes an inflamed and irritated throat almost instantaneously.

Most importantly, never lie down for at least 1 hour after eating anything. It causes a acid reflux. Additionally, while sleeping, maintain a proper posture, and keep the head elevated to prevent acid from flowing to the esophagus. Cut down on pickles, fried food and refined foods.

Prevention Of Recurrent Throat Burn By Acid Reflux

  1. Eat less spicy food, abandon eating pickles and fried food. No alcohol and no smoking to avoid cough or sore throat.
  2. Cut your cola intake. It is caffeinated drink. Avoid tea and coffee and other beverages.
  3. Decrease your weight, if you are obese.
  4. Confirm with your doctor whether you are having hiatus hernia.
  5. Raise the bed 5 to 6 inches from one side, sleep with your head reclined on the raised side of the bed, and foot should be on the lower side. This way gravity will not allow the stomach acid content to move up to the esophagus when you sleep.