Why I Have Too Much Body Hair For A Woman & How To Get Rid It?

Today for most women, having too much of body hair is extremely distressing cosmetic issue, although for some women it may not be a sensitive topic. Women prefer to have hairless body. There is a huge difference between hair on head and on body. While hair on head is considered to be a sign of attractiveness and youth, hair on body of women is connoted to be ugly.

Excessive thickened hair on face and body in medical parlance is called hirsutism. If a woman has too much of hair in places where they usually do not normally have such as on chin, chest, around areola, over upper lip, stomach and back, the condition is known as hirsutism.

Normally women do have hair on face and body, but it is light in color and thin. However, in hirsutism, the hair is coarse, thick, and dark in unwanted areas such as on face, chest etc of a woman. The reason of too much of body hair at unwanted places among females is abnormal rise of androgen hormone in their body.

Too much of coarse and dark body hair is not dangerous. But for those women who want to remove unwanted body hair, it can be done with laser and many other skin therapies.

Causes Of Too Much Unwanted Body Hair In Females

Dark and coarse hair on body of women is more common issue than we think. In USA at least 1 in 20 to 30 women is having this problem of hair growth in unwanted body areas. There are multitudes of possible causes which may differ from one woman to another. The main reason underlying too much body hair in women is imbalance of hormone especially androgen hormone. This hormone is a predominant male hormone, but normally the level in women is very low.

There are certain medical conditions which may cause excess secretion of androgen and subsequent male pattern hair growth in women.

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common cause of extra hairy growth on body of women.
  • Genetics play an important role in excess body hair in women.
  • Certain drugs are known to increase production of androgens. Birth control pills are one of them. Other includes anabolic steroids, testosterone pills minoxidil, etc.
  • Tumor in adrenal gland or ovary which secrets androgen.
  • Obese women having insulin resistance.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair In Females?

Since there are several causes for excessive body hair growth in women, they need to be resolved after finding the underlying condition.

  • For medical condition such as PCOS or adrenal tumor, medicines may be necessary to control excess production of androgen hormones.
  • Birth control pills which are made up of hormones will help to keep the balance of androgen hormones. It will also help to shrink the cyst of ovaries.
  • Besides drugs weight reduction in overweight women is necessary to reduce body hairs. Sometimes only maintaining healthy weight will help to keep the androgen hormone at its optimal level.
  • Besides medication, hair removal creams are available to remove unwanted hair from body. Laser hair removal or electrolysis is useful for women who prefer to remove unwanted excess growth of body hair permanently.

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