Causes Of Polyps On Cervix: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Cervical polyps are tiny finger like growths found on cervix of a woman. Cervix is a small tube like structure which connects the uterus with vagina; in fact this narrow canal is an extension of uterus itself. Cervical polyps are typically cherry red or purple in color. It has a stalk which grows from the surface of cervix. Polyps can be present on the exterior or inside the cervix.

Cervical polyps are non cancerous growths. They develop in a woman during their fertile age. Polyps commonly develop in woman between thirties and forties.

The exact cause of cervix is not known but it is believed to be caused due to chronic cervical inflammation resulting from bacterial infection, herpes, pregnancy etc. Woman with more than one child are at greater risk of developing cervical polyps.

Although they are benign, polyps should be removed surgically and sent for histopathological test to rule out cervical cancer.

What Causes Polyps On The Cervix?

The exact cause for cervical polyps is not known. However, researchers believe that increased level of estrogen hormone, cervical inflammation and obstructed blood vessels of cervical region may be involved.

Estrogen fluctuation is very common and physiological in a woman of menstrual age group. The level increases during pregnancy and menstruation. Polyps therefore more commonly develop during pregnancy.

Chronic inflammation of cervix caused due to genital herpes, bacterial and fungal infection, yeast infection, miscarriage, pregnancy etc can all trigger development of cervical polyps. Polyps can also develop as a result of frequent congestion of blood vessels in the cervical canal. Most women with cervical polyps have one or more than one child.

Signs And Symptoms Of Cervical Polyps

Often cervical polyps are symptom less for a long period of time. They may be noticed accidentally while a patient undergoes gynecological check up for some other reasons. They are red or purple in color hanging on the surface of cervix or having a stalk inside wall of cervix.

They are soft and finger like growths about the size of 1 to 2 cm in length. Usually only one polyp develops, but sometimes there may be two or three on cervix. Polyps are fragile because pressure or touch can lead them to bleed.

But in some women cervical polyps can produce symptoms as follows:

  • Frequent abnormal vaginal discharge. It can be egg white or yellow. Yellow discharge occurs if the polyp gets ulcerated and infected.
  • Bleeding from vagina every time after sexual intercourse.
  • Abnormal bleeding between menstrual cycles.
  • Bleeding from vagina after douching.
  • Excessive bleeding during menstruation.
  • During periods uterus feels as if squeezed.

Treatment Options For Polyps On Cervix

Cervical polyps are fragile and sometimes with slightest touch or pressure they may fall off. It may occur during intercourse or even during menstruation. Although cervical polyps are benign growths originating from the tissue of cervix, physicians always recommend surgical removal as to confirm their benign origin.

These polyps are removed surgically with proper aseptic precautions by a gynecologist. There may be small amount of bleeding for few days which ultimately stops as the incised site heals.

Homeopathic medicines such as Kali Iod, Conium, Lachesis, Sanguinaria are effective in treating cervical polyps.

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