Leucorrhea In Young Girls: Causes, Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Teenage is the time when young girl experiences many changes in her body. They are pubertal changes. The hormonal spurt during this period leads to increase in height, hair growth in pubic area and underarms, voice change, breast enlargement, menstruation etc. During this period menstrual problems and leucorrhea is very common.

Leucorrhea is a medical term for abnormal white discharge from vagina or cervix. It is thin or thick white or yellow vaginal discharge. It is generally of two types, physiological or pathological. Physiological discharge is thin white sticky discharge mainly occurring in young girls due to imbalance of hormones.

Pathological discharge occurs due to infection in female reproductive tract. This annoying and uncomfortable condition can be easily treated with homeopathic medicines and home remedies.

Causes Of Leucorrhoea In Teenage Girls

Leucorrhea in young girls is caused due to various reasons. As mentioned earlier it can be physiological or pathological. White discharge can be from cervix or vagina. Here are some important causes of leucorrhea in young girls.

  • Hormonal changes during puberty. Fluctuation of female hormone namely estrogen increases vaginal secretion leading to physiological leucorrhea.
  • Anemia: Many young girls are anemic, especially malnourished females. White discharge is common embarrassing problem in them.
  • Poor hygienic condition is one of the main causes for leucorrhea in young girls. Those who do not maintain proper hygiene during menstruation are susceptible to develop white discharge. Poor hygiene of vaginal area increases risk of infection in genitourinary tract. Thus giving rise to abnormal foul smelling vaginal discharge.
  • Fungal infection flourishes in moist and unhygienic condition. Wearing tight synthetic underwear keeps the area moist for long time. Fungus Candida albicans can easily grow in such condition giving rise to abnormal white discharge.
  • Young girls who are sexually active may suffer from leucorrhea due to infective pathogens such as Trichomonas vaginalis or Chlamydia infection.
  • Injury to female genital tract can trigger abnormal white discharge often stained with blood.
  • Girls forgetting to remove tampons during menstruation.
  • Excessive sexual desire, masturbation, intestinal worms etc.
  • Severe mental stress and strain as it imbalances hormones and increase secretion.

Signs And Symptoms Of Leucorrhoea

The symptoms of leucorrhea may not be similar as every woman is different. It may vary in intensity. Some women remain asymptomatic while some manifest following symptoms:

  • Thin or thick white excessive sticky discharge from vagina.
  • The discharge can be foul and yellow if it is caused due to infection.
  • Severe itching, soreness and swelling in vaginal area.
  • Weakness and generalized debility.
  • Burning urination.
  • Rash in genital region.
  • Backache and headache.
  • Pain in thigh and calf muscles.
  • White discharge sticking to undergarments.

Natural Remedies And Homeopathic Remedies For Leucorrhea

There are several home remedies to treat leucorrhea in young girls. Young girls should be reassured about this condition. It is not a serious disease and can be corrected following proper hygiene and eating healthy food.

General measures:

  • Many young girls do not eat nutritious diet. They should avoid fast foods and packaged foods. Instead they have to eat foods having high nutrient value such as green leafy vegetables, milk, protein containing food, etc.
  • Patients suffering from anemia should eat foods that are high in iron. Green leafy vegetables, lean meat, egg, fish, etc.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene is essential for all to prevent leucorrhea.
  • Wear cotton undergarments and avoid tight fitting trousers and underwear.
  • Avoid sprays and deodorants and perfumed soaps.

Natural home remedies:

  • Crush one banana and add one teaspoon of clarified butter. Eat two times in a day for one week. It helps to reduce white discharge.
  • Drink one glass of rice water daily.
  • Coriander seeds are time tested home remedy for leucorrhea. Soak one teaspoon of coriander seeds in one glass of water and keep it overnight. Drink this water in morning. Follow the procedure for one week to control leucorrhea.
  • Wash the vaginal area with water mixed with few drops of lemon juice. It helps to keep the area clean and free from germs.

Homeopathic remedies:

  • Kreosotum: This homeopathic remedy is extremely useful for treating leucorrhea. It is indicated in cases where white discharge is offensive with irritation and inflammation of vagina and vulva. Patient often suffers from leucorrhea between periods. Burning sensation in vagina which feels better after washing the area with cold water is an indication for this remedy.
  • Borax: It is indicated in patients with clear and white leucorrhea. The discharge sticks on the undergarment leaving behind white stains after is dries. Burning in vagina area is common symptom when this remedy has to be considered.
  • Calcarea phos: This remedy is indicated when the discharge is thin like white of an egg. It may be offensive at times with burning in the groin region.

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