Why Do I Feel Sick And Tired During My Period & How To Prevent?

During their reproductive age all women menstruate. Menstruation in girls usually begins between the ages of 10 to 16, with a variation of few years. It then continues till menopause, a period where menstruation ceases completely. Normally all women experience some amount of discomfort during menses. But it is not a concerning issue for most of them.

However, there are many women who experience extreme tiredness and prostration after their menses. If the condition occurs after each period, she should check with her physician as there are number of reasons that may be responsible for it.

Weakness after menstruation may affect her daily activity.

There are several ways she can reduce this fatigue with natural remedies. But before that let us know why some women feel too tired and weak after their periods.

Causes Of Tiredness During Menstruation

The amount and flow of blood during menses may vary from one woman to another. For some it may be heavy and last for 5 to 7 days or more, while some women bleed only for a day and in small amount. This all is related to hormone play in the body of a woman.

There are many reasons that can make her severely prostrated after menses.

One of the causes is excessive blood flow during menses. If too much flow of blood continues during each period, there is risk of anemia. There is some amount of iron loss in the blood. So excessive bleeding during every period has increased risk of reducing iron and hemoglobin in the body. Anemia is one of the primary reasons for weakness after periods.

Weakness may also be associated with dehydration. Excessive flow of blood and fluid during menses can lead to dehydration. Dehydration may affect her health after period has stopped.

Some women during their menses may feel nauseous or may suffer from vomiting. Due to this they do not consume enough amount of food. Lack of food during this period may thus cause weakness and tired feeling once menses has stopped.

How To Prevent Tiredness During Period?

For a woman who feels severely prostrated after her menses, she should talk to her doctor. A simple blood test will help to rule out anemia which is one of the most common causes of weakness during and after menses. If anemia is detected her physician will prescribe iron supplements that has to be taken according to his prescription.

Since dehydration is also one of the causes for weakness after menses, she should drink enough water during menses. Preferably water containing electrolytes or sports drink such as Gatorade, or electrolyte etc.

Aside from hydration, she has to consume healthy food that energizes her body. Eat more green vegetables and fruits. Increase the intake of lentils and pulses for sufficient protein. She should also consume two glasses of milk during and after periods.

A cup of ginseng tea is beneficial if the woman is feeling weak after menses. It helps to restore the energy level. She can also take vitamin supplements in combination with other mineral supplements.

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