Stop Smoking Motivation: Tips To Motivate You To Quit Smoking

The very fact that you are looking for motivation to help you quit smoking is a great sign. This means you want to quit smoking and are looking for external help; help in terms of motivational and inspirational ideas from other who have successfully given up smoking.

There are a number of drugs available over the counter, like patches, that can help you get rid of the smoking habit for a while. But in a lot of cases, people get back into smoking the habit after a brief period of smoke free life.

A habit is a habit and no “external stimulant” can help you permanently. Best way to quit smoking naturally is that you must make up your mind, and convince yourself that smoking is a terrible habit and it can only lead to disastrous ending. Heart disease, lung cancer, breathing complications are some of the very common illnesses you will suffer due to prolonged smoking. This will only lead to suffering an grief for your loved ones more than you. So its about time you seriously started thinking about quitting the smoking habit.

We outline a few tips here that may help you clear your mind about its ability to kick that dreadful habit.

Motivational Tips To Quit Smoking

  1. Start making friends with non smokers. Especially try to be close to someone who has quit smoking for a while, say over a year or two and is very happy about it.
  2. Promise yourself to stop smoking for week or so. keep up the promise and try to talk to a lot of people about how you have stopped smoking for a week; that you have not touched a cigarette for a week.
  3. After a week lay off, see if you can stay off for another day. If not, try to reduce your daily quota. Keep bragging about how you have cut down drastically. Keep talking to your near and dear ones about the progress you are making. the encouragement and the glee that you will receive from your loved ones will egg you to cut down more. Bring this down to that 1-cigarette-a-day level – a puff after your dinner or your lunch. Now your are a lot better than a few weeks ago.
  4. Think about the months and years of smoking you have doing, puffing your lungs and life away and snatching yourself away from your loved ones who would love to have you live longer and enjoy life with them. Now think of the last few weeks – remind yourself how you felt a lot better, a lot fresher, a lot healthier. How people around you admired you for your will power to stop smoking. This should give you the courage, inspiration and motivation to stop smoking altogether.
  5. Another motivational method could be rewarding yourself with something you love whenever you skip a smoking session. Even if that means you have to eat a dessert, do it – as that will cut 1 cigarette out each day. Not that too much dessert is good – but if that’s what you like to do (and you are fit enough to eat those calories) go ahead and do it (but don’t overdo it). Slowly, you can start cutting down more for the same reward and eventually stop smoking.
  6. Keep yourself busy by keeping your mind engaged in something you like. Pick up a hobby, or if you already have one, spend more time. Each day, decide to do more of what you like to do – spend more time with your kids, read more, exercise more – just keep you mind busy with stuff you love doing. Let these activities eat way the time you spend smoking – making your healthier and happier each day. keeping you mind occupied is the key – keep it from telling your body to pick up that cigarette and smoke away to your graveyard.

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